Jewish Community Should Join Catholics Against the Mandate | | News about Abortions |

While this fight about birth control may not be a Jewish issue, it is an issue of religious liberty. 


1. The fight over birth control between the government and religions.

2. The writer says that the Catholic church is against the governments decision about birth control, and many other religions are fighting against this issue too.

3. The writer is against the governments decision.

4. No, the writer doesn't state her opinion directly. She uses certain words and phrases that make the reader know her opinion.

6. I learn that she is not for the birth control issue with the government and that she thinks religious beliefs are more important.

7. The article was written for religious people.

8. Yes, because she gives a lot of information about the issue from both sides of the fight and backs up her opinion.

2. (on the back) The writer uses a lot of evidence and facts from the government's side and the religious side of this issue. She doesn't use that strong of persuasive techniques, but the way she uses facts, the reader can tell that she knows what she is talking about through out the article. The article states that the jewish community should "join in the fight against birth control" along with other religions. In little parts of the article the writer does use persuasive techniques to convince the reader that they should be against this issue and fight against the government. The majority of the article is based on facts and the problems that the government and religious groups are fighting over. The writer also uses evidence from other people that have opinions on the issue.