Pharma Corporate REPUTATION got better in 2017! REPORTS PUBLISHED 2018

Patients, when working with pharma and actually knowing the pharma company they work with, see developments to collaboration with them! Inspiring results from those who care! ;-)

Farewell and Beware of the PharmaGovernment Complex!

Dear John, @Pharmaguy

Pharma will never be the same again as you now shutter your on line activities, information, reflection, critique and most of all your commitment to the industry! I guess we need to wonder how 'we' or who might (be able) to fill in the gap you leave to the market, governments, companies and individuals, and patients! Thanks for all of your pundit information, knowledge and thoughts! We will surely miss you!

Cheerz to you,


P.S. What about your Hawaian shirt now?

Survey: pharma not helping online health info seekers - Pharmaphorum

Current market conditions, both in US, Canad and UK, show how the developments in healthcare emerge more quickly than pharma companies are able to follow up. Here's a research telling how patients experience difficulties to find information on thier health conditions and about their own health. They must feel as being a number not recognized for their intent to seriously  understand what their condition is all about and how to cope. It also appears that pharma is not the only stakeholder that lacks behind patient engagement: healthcare insurances as well as health provider institutes ignore or even willfully sustain barriers for patient to learn for themselves and do something about their own condition. It's no wonder so, that health care costs keep on rising!