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Meshing A V8 SLAP
Had a V8 Slap today when I realized that the way Google has set up this new chess board doesn't favor the creation of new anything. When we started working on the chess board seemed to favor a User Generated Content (UGC) platform.

We wanted to create for cancer research. Great idea, but too late. Post Google's algorithm changes where social signals rule and trusted sources have all the high ground thinking in ways to fit YOURS into THEIRS is more productive and a better bet.

Important for ecommerce merchants to think in these terms:

* Appify.
* Widgetize.

* Gamify.

Ecommerce merchants may be the most impacted by these changes. Commerce can happen anywhere so why isn't it? Our merchant minds, I ran a sizable ecom website for 7 years, still focus on CASTLE building when we should be thinking about crowd converting.

Find ways to EMBED and MESH your ideas into already scaled systems and your idea, startup or site might just survive long enough to matter. One you matter you can think about castle building.

Via Martin (Marty) Smith