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How Did Howard Rheingold Get So “Net Smart”: An Interview (Part One)

How Did Howard Rheingold Get So “Net Smart”: An Interview (Part One) | Digital-News on today |

By Henry Jenkins


Howard Rheingold has been one of the smartest, most forward thinking, most provocative writers about digital culture for the past several decades. He’s someone who always makes me think. Even a short hall way chat with Howard at a conference can lead to transformative insights about how we live within a networked culture. I have been lucky to know him for more than two decades now, and I treasure every interaction I’ve ever had with the guy.


Your progression from work on virtual communities to smart mobs to digital literacies says something about the evolution of digital culture over the past few decades. What has led you right now to focus so much on giving everyday people the skills they need to more meaningfully participate in the new media landscape?



(E-Learning Students!  I highly recommend this series of articles to anyone seeking a solid conntext for the work we are doing in social communication. ~ Dennis)

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Rescooped by Thomas Faltin from :: The 4th Era ::!


Internet-60-Seconds-Infographic-Part-2 | Digital-News on today |

Numerous tech facts that occur every minute. Some eye-openers here. -JL

Via Beth Dichter, Lynnette Van Dyke, Jim Lerman
de Bruijne Benjamin's comment, 18 June 2013, 10:40
Et dire que c'est la crise !
Jennifer Samuels's curator insight, 22 June 2013, 00:40

I'll have to check the sources, but it doesn't sound unreasonable.

Joshua Lipworth's curator insight, 24 July 2013, 16:19

This is great because of blah blah blah