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Robert Scoble and Shel Israel's "Age of Context" may be the book of the decade for marketers, laying out a roadmap of what is to come.




Age of Context presents the full integration of online and offline worlds, where data-driven algorithms, using input from users and environs, empower personalized offerings and choices. Scoble and Israel call this pinpoint marketing in their book.


Pinpoint marketing is the realization of big data and marketing automation. It revolves around permission-based access from users, and smart data-driven nurturing paths that offer highly customized solutions for individuals based on where they are, and what they are trying to do.


Scoble and Israel do a good job of warning readers about some of the pitfalls surrounding context. Specifically, they discuss gaffes driven by algorithms that range from annoying to super-creepy stalker-like updates. Both feel that the technology will slowly evolve (as will society) to embrace the Age of Context. Similarly, people will evolve to accept a world of anytime, anywhere computing, and its lack of privacy.



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