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Startups Listen To This
Startups live in a bubble. We believe our ideas will change the world. We are passionate and devoted. Problem is most people have LIVES (lol). To capture attention startups must understand "inbound marketing". Inbound marketing is creating great content and THEN talking to customers who come to you.

The nature of the conversation you can have with "customers who come to you" is very different than cold calling a VC. Reminds me of a Channel Advisor story. In the early days of the compnay Scott Wingo, its founder, couldn't figure out how to get Sand Hill Road VC to call him.

He went out to San Francisco and observed where major VC worked, drove and parked. Then he populated their route with signs with his logo. Sure enough THEY called HIM. When THEY call YOU the deal flow is better by a factor of 10. You give up LESS of your company to get the money you need to change the world.

Hubspot is a powerful "marketing automation" tool. Here Brian Halligan takes you through 4 wise inbound marketing tips (with some easier to execute than others):

* Create amazing content (this would be the hard one).

* Put your content into context (read this carefully).

* Go beyond marketing automation (agree).

* Use Social to create "leverage" and support for your content (AGREE).

I'm working on a post about why startups must have robust social media presence that will discuss inbound marketing's many advantages too. This post is a great primer.  

PS. If you watch the video skip the first two minutes.  Great riff about the "science of marketing" around 14minutes into the video. 

Via Martin (Marty) Smith, Entropic-Synergies