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The Future of Marketing | Infographic

The Future of Marketing | Infographic | Digital-News on today |
Optimal Targeting’s CEO David Konigsberg shares his insights on the future of marketing with this new metaphysically inclined infographic. It effect

Via Martin (Marty) Smith, Andy Birkitt
David Hain's curator insight, 6 September 2013, 15:38


AlGonzalezinfo's curator insight, 6 September 2013, 18:31

Another great Scoop David!  I will take the test later and report my results  :)

Robin Martin's curator insight, 14 September 2013, 16:53

Right Marty...great infographic! Thanks for the scoop!

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Birth of the Cool: Link To The IDEA Not The Web Page With PullQuote App via @hc

Birth of the Cool: Link To The IDEA Not The Web Page With PullQuote App via @hc | Digital-News on today |
Use Pullquote to create a link to a paragraph on a web page. Pullquote is great for micro-bookmarking or tweeting about key ideas.

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, 16 October 2013, 21:02

Henry Copeland (@hc) is the Internet marketing genius behind blogads and a good friend of my friend Phil Buckley's (@1918). I promise to do another post on how cool Blogads is ( ), but Phil shared something at lunch today that has my palms sweating it is so exciting.

Why Pull Quote Is So Cool
Curators on like Robin (@RobinGood), Guillaume (@Gdecugis) and Ally (@AllyGreer) will get how cool Henry's pullquote app is immediately. The app allows you to "pull" a piece of content from a favorite post, share it on social media and be able to curate your "pulled" stack.

I've been writing about the "snipitization" and "appification" of everything and Henry just proved the point. Curators usually LOVE 10% of a post, like another 20% and can take or leave the rest.

Now, thanks to Henry's very cool app you can create this:


That link is to Henry's PullQuotes tagged "innovation". Here is the link to all of his curated groups:


Every curator out there is now fully focused on THIS piece (lol). Not an easy feat, but that is the power of Henry's brilliant idea. Henry's PullQuote App is like a writers index cards ONLY there is a special secret.

Let's move all the way through Henry's invention.

We click on the first pullquote and get this page:

Click on the tiny URL at the top to get this page:

Click on the post link at the bottom and we've arrived back at the ScienceDaily post Henry pulled from

PullQuote just built curated relationships between content snippets Henry tags as "innovation", but those new relationships don't break the link back to the post.

Imagine how much easier it will be to write a post about innovation with PullQuote. Creators can go to their tagged "innovation" basket and find cool references and relationships they didn't even know existed.

Now let’s fast forward into the curation implications. I read a TON of content every day. I have to read mountains of content because things I read yesterday aren't categorized and tagged. is great and using its FILTERS must have saved a year of my life. Problem is we lack this view:

That view of the tages you use is an incredible feedback loop because you can see how rich each "basket" is. Henry has 22 PullQuotes in innovation and so it ranks among his top interests exceeded only by health.

By curating the QUOTE we can easily arrange our baskets so writing or curating a post about innovation takes MUCH LESS TIME. If could add a tag cloud view across all feeds much the same benefit could be created (from a dashboard) perspective.

I see PullQuote and as natural allies. When something BIG about Google is blooming on then a quick check of PullQuotes curated and tagged as Google might lend weight and credibility to a Scoop or blog post (and then a Scoop or social feed).

Did you see the secret? The secret is since you are only grabbing pieces of many articles overhead is a fraction of what storing the article would be. With the way the cloud is today I bet you could PullQuote the galaxy and it wouldn't require much backend iron to support.

The real benefit is in how we as curators and creators will learn to create and cross index our cards (PullQuotes). Any tools like and PullQuote that promise MORE even as they require LESS has my attention. What about you?

Bravo Henry!


malek's curator insight, 17 October 2013, 12:29

Long live the content snippet in the content jungle. A very flexible tool to mine for pull quote.

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King of Pinterest, You In?

King of Pinterest, You In? | Digital-News on today |
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New Pink Cure Cancer Socks EXCLUSIVE To

New Pink Cure Cancer Socks EXCLUSIVE To | Digital-News on today |
Cure Cancer Store is where cancer patients, their friends and family can shop to cure cancer. Created by a cancer survivor and his brother all profits go to help cure cancer and every product helps cancer patients feel better.
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Instagram vs. Vine - And The Winner May Be A Surprise

Instagram vs. Vine - And The Winner May Be A Surprise | Digital-News on today |
Twitter’s video service, Vine, has been around since early this year, but lately it has been getting more attention than ever.

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, 15 September 2013, 06:03

I'm new to Vine and Instragram, but this great KISSmetrics article outlines why one is better for business. I won't spoil the mystery, but Vine's looping puts so much presure on the creative process I'm betting you can figure out the winner.

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I Want a New DRUG: Plumbers and the Poetry of Material Things

I Want a New DRUG: Plumbers and the Poetry of Material Things | Digital-News on today |

Art Of The New Ecom
Doesn't this cool Tumblr feel like a new cool store? That is because it has an artists visual approach combined with a merchant's eye. Beautiful and strange like the new ecommerce :).

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, 22 March 2013, 02:34

SoLoMo Nightmare

I came home to see water seeping into my garage from my house. A leak in a downstairs half bath has done some serious damage and may be doing more now (if it is in the wall). 

I look for a plumber stating with Angie's list. Bad Experience because the search algorithm is stiff and pitching a strange set (probably those paying the freight to be at the top). Every plumber has an A review and putting in people I know about was only a fifty fifty shot to find anything at all. 

 Where Is The BEAUTY? FUN?
 I'm confused. We've got Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook and looking for a plumber is a hair's difference from using the yellow pages. I moved from Angie's LOST List to Google and Yelp reviews. 

If Angie's LOST List seems rigged and inauthentic Yelp and Google have no scale. I tweeted and asked friends on Facebook if anyone knew of a good plumber. My friend Kate saved the day with a great recommendation.


I Want A New Drug!

Here is the problem in my head we are already working in the predictive real time of Web 3.0, but the reality of this brutal plumber search makes me wonder why an army of startups isn't thinking about social reviews like the one Kate just provided. 

Social reviews can be very brief because they come from such trusted sources (friends). Kate should have been rewarded for her immediate and high quality thought. Instead her great idea disappeared into Facebook's either. Where is the tag cloud when you need it? 

I Want A New Drug!

Call me crazy but the process of finding a plumber should be beautiful. I'm using this beautiful Tumblr feed again, the Poetry Of Material Things to point out that a sad truth.

The problem is US. We lack the imagination to mashup scaled systems to produce, reward and scale a reviews / recommendation engine that provides beauty, immediacy and support. Why? Because we can, because we HAVE a new drug called the Internet. 

If you are a startup or so inclined and have already spent some mental cycles on this let's grab lunch. If I can't fund you I know people who can. Tell me the story of how looking for a plumber can be beautiful and fun and you have the proverbial million-dollar idea.