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What is Global Pages?

Global Pages is a streamlined solution to create a better experience for global businesses and their community on Facebook. Essentially, it creates a central hub, allowing brands to have one global brand identity. Brands will be able to customize their Page’s look and feel for each country or geographic region, while maintaining global metrics such as Likes, People Talking About This, and check-ins.


How It Works

Instead of the current multi-page model in which brands have created their own localized solution, they will now have the ability to create local country-specific or regional versions of their pages that will sit within one central hub on Facebook, following a unified naming convention.


Brands that follow a Global page model will have the opportunity to localize the following features:

Cover Photos Profile Photo Tab Structure Photos Access to local Facebook Insights data Brand Mailbox Vanity URL Milestones About Section


What Does This Mean For Brands?


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Via Elahe Amani, Jimun Gimm