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Social media content marketing strategy

Social media content marketing strategy | New Marketing |
Social Media Marketing Podcast 004: In this episode Pat Flynn shares his social media content strategy to build a successful online business. (Are you trying to build a loyal following to your business?
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Top 5 Micro-Conversions You Should Measure

Top 5 Micro-Conversions You Should Measure | New Marketing |
Micro-conversions are goals, just like the ones you're currently measuring. But micro-conversions typically help build relationships with your site visitors – and these relationship-building activities may help contribute to conversions.
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46 Ways to Kill It With Content | Search Engine Watch

46 Ways to Kill It With Content | Search Engine Watch | New Marketing |

Excerpted from article:

“The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die.”Fredrich Neitzsche.
While I certainly don’t agree with everything Nietzsche shared, his famous quote above captures nicely where digital marketing is right now.


As an industry, change is something we live with day in day out, but we're in a period of unprecedented shift. Google is moving to a model of rewarding relevance and value based on the semantic web while rendering manipulative techniques of old redundant.


It’s time to do #RCS or Real Company Stuff (the polite version). And content investment leads that charge, which means you’ll need to know how to make the most of creating it.


What follows are a few killer tips to help with that transition and help everyone “cast off” that skin, starting with this quick-fire list of actions you should be considering taking as you grow your content investment..."


The author of the article analyzes 46 ways in these sections below:

- Idea Creation;

- Creating Structure;

- Content Strategy;

- Content Execution;

- Measure Effectiveness.


Read full article here:


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Email Coding 101

Email Coding 101 | New Marketing |
The Foundations Of Coding HTML Email Creating HTML emails that will look awesome on the dozens of email programs out there is tricky. If you’re new to the email world (or have picked up HTML in the last several years), learning how to get an email to look good can be a little trying. Worse, there are no email-specific standards in place. For best results: #Keep your design simple: avoid drop shadows, fancy fonts, rollovers and other interactivity #Use tables for layout, and basic inline CSS for formatting #Know your audience: testing to see which email clients your subscribers use to read messages can help you know where to focus your efforts #Test regularly: email programs change frequently, often with little notice Check the Infographic for more specific tips!   By Litmus. Source.
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