"We live in a time of great abundance and unparalleled possibilities fueled by exponential growth from the impact of technology. Our job at sparks & honey is to understand the accelerators, balancers and patterns that are driving exponential cultural change in the near term and foreseeable future.  Our team of cultural strategists and curators works with leading brands and thought leaders to apply these trends and use them as a catalyst for disruptive innovation. 

"We eat culture for breakfast in order to understand the value of emerging fringe signals, cultural shifts and explosive doubling patterns. While monitoring thousands of inputs and mapping and scoring them, we have identified 8 rapidly accelerating trends that will shape institutions, governments, businesses and everyday consumers. 

"We have consolidated these trends into short vignettes in order to share a curated snapshot of what will create either great opportunities or unexpected challenges. We will cover these trends over the next two months. This report covers The Future of Education. We hope you engage us in the debate and exploration on how these exponential trends will shape your business and the World. "


Via Jim Lerman