The New Era of Learning
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The New Era of Learning
The direction in which learning is going: personalized, self-directed, grounded in the real world, and blurring the lines between age groups, teachers/students, formal/informal, etc. It taps into people's instincts and desires for play, creativity and meaning. I'm hoping to eventually incorporate this content into a robust web site that will serve as a compendium on this topic.
Curated by Luba Vangelova
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Scooped by Luba Vangelova!

KnowledgeWorks Foundation's Future Forecast

KnowledgeWorks Foundation's Future Forecast | The New Era of Learning |
The Future Forecast, The World of Learning and Futures Thinking describe the way KnowledgeWorks approaches educational reform.
Luba Vangelova's insight:

Interesting set of reports showing how the convergence of various trends will radically transform the learning ecosystem and put learners in the drivers seat. (And will we soon start hearing more about things such as cognitive prosthetics and social bots?) 



"And in the future, we can expect that technology’s role will increase as new distance learning models enable innovation at the very heart of the teaching and learning relationship. In a 24/7, Internet-enabled world of learning, the nature of that relationship will undoubtedly evolve. What happens when kids are engaged in geographically-distributed learning cohorts with other students who happen to share their interests, learning styles and/or challenges?"


"Over the next decade, the most vibrant innovations in education are likely to take place outside traditional institutions. These institutions face a critical dilemma: how to reconcile bottom-up developments in educational with the traditional top-down hierarchy that is currently in place."


"This 2020 Forecast illuminates how we are shifting toward a culture of creation in which each of us has the opportunity—and the responsibility—to make our collective future. We are seeing “educitizens” define their rights as learners and re-create the civic sphere."

Rescooped by Luba Vangelova from The "Open" Era!

Education 2022: A 360 Degree View

Education 2022:  A 360 Degree View | The New Era of Learning |
“The future is already here -- it's just not very evenly distributed.” - William Gibson What will education look like in ten years?  In  Education 2022:  A 360 Degree View, we look at both the...
Luba Vangelova's insight:

Excellent report showing what's in store. 

Learning will be: Learner-Driven, Openly Accessible, Personalized, Social, Ubiquitous, Holistic, Teaching Redefined, Policy Redefined, Industry Engaged, Achievement Redefined. The report then explains the why's and wherefore's behind these key predictions.

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