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A primer on Bosnian names

Though Bosnian is a Slavic language, it differs from its sisters Serbian and Croatian in the great number of loan words and names from Arabic, Persian, and Turkish. There are also many names of Illyrian origin.

As in most other European languages, many names are native forms of Greek and Roman names. Many names have also been adopted from the neighbouring Slavic cultures.
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Bosnian Baby Names

Top Names in Bosnia

1 Amar
2 Vedad
3 Ahmed
4 Adin
5 Emir
6 Davud
7 Imran
8 Tarik
9 Harun
10 Ajdin

1 Amina
2 Lamija
3 Sara
4 Asja
5 Emina
6 Lejla
7 Merjem
8 Esma
9 Ajla
10 Nejla
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Amar, 'Ammar

Amar, 'Ammar | Name News |
Pinterest Origin: Indian, Bosnian, Arabic, Egyptian Meaning: an Indian masculine name meaning "immortal" in Sanskrit. It's also th
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