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Do you like nails? Do you like hair? Well if you like both you can go to the Ontario Nail Institute to get trained and taught how to do both the proper way and the cleanest way.
The Ontario Nail institute opened in April 2000 and has been successful since, Ellen Flood has recently started to sell her own line of products for nails. You can make up to $60,000 to $80,000 a year, when you are doing nails from home you can make up to $2000 a week. You also need no license to do nails you can just open up a shop and do nails without any training at all. When you go to the Ontario nail institute you will be trained correctly and you know you are going to the best person to get your nails done and that you are comfortable getting your nails done from the person.
At the Ontario Nail Institute there are classes for manicure, pedicure, nail enhancements, waxing, relaxation massage, eyelash/ eyebrow tinting and advanced workshops. Ellen is an International Educator having traveled to Japan in August 2003 to teach UV gel to Japanese nail artists. Ellen was the Jury President at the 2006 Montreal Exceptional Olympiads. Ellen was a finalist in the 2004 Canadian Hairdresser mirror award’s and was the Canadian Nail Enhancement Artist of the year in 2004. Most recently Ellen was a judge for both the 2007 and 2008 Contessa awards in the Nail art, Nail enhancement and the salon interior design categories.
Ellen is a Nail competition judge, and AEFM certified Electric file trainer, a 2000 ABA award winner and a Contessa 2000 finalist. Ellen was asked to present all of the Southern Ontario regional health boards in 2004 about the equipment and sanitation procedures specific to nail salons. That was a special honor for Ellen.
If you want to get into the nail salon business Ellen is the person to go to for classes because of her many accomplishment in the field and she is known for her outstanding ability to teach people about the proper procedure to do things involving certain machines used during a manicure, pedicure, nail enhancement and waxing.