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The Panda 4.1 update is thought to have been introduced because Google has discovered some new signals to help it detect low-quality content. So sites with thin or aggregated content can expect to lose visibility in search results, while sites with comprehensive, helpful and user-oriented content are likely to benefit.


According to Google, Panda 4.1 is also supposed to help small to medium sized businesses rank better. In the past, the challenge that Google faced was that bigger sites often benefited the most, just because they showed a good amount of relevant signals (such as backlinks). Now Google is trying to find the right balance for assessing the different signals from both bigger and smaller sites. It is evaluating signals from large and small sites in different ways because they require different benchmarks.


So in summary: If you are impacted by Panda, delete landing pages that are optimised for single keywords and pages that are performing poorly. And create fewer, relevant, high value pages that comprehensively cover a topic rather than having several pages with similar content. This will improve the user-experience and have a positive impact on rankings in the medium to long term.



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Via CYDigital