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Indeed, the three treasures of translation are the translation memory, the terminology base and the style guide. Without the three treasures, translation is chaos.
First among these treasures is the translation memory. Those who follow the righteous path of translation memory will prosper. Those who do not are doomed to the endless cycle of retranslation and the repetition of error.
-The Art of Translation
The wise translator heeds the ancient worthies. But not every translator is wise. For a technology so critical to translation best practice, the scope of translation memory abuse in the translation industry is a constant surprise and delight to me. Profit is sweet, and profit from the carelessness and ignorance of my competitors doubly so. Identifying and correcting the translation memory errors of our competitors is a dramatic and surefire way to win new business. Was it not Sun Tzu who said that it is better to capture the enemy’s wagons than to burn them? I think so. Something about oxen, I’m pretty sure.
So. When viewed as a wagon, translation memory (TM) seems simple enough.
1. Pair a phrase with its translated counterpart.

Via Charles Tiayon