My Healing Journey
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My Healing Journey
Transformation through healing.  
Curated by Mike Pestano
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Hope Cafe The Movie – | COLD HEAT NEWS

Hope Cafe The Movie – | COLD HEAT NEWS | My Healing Journey |
Mike Pestano's insight:

A beautiful movie that brings a true heart and soul that uplifts, inspires, and anyone can relate to.

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| Tron Music

| Tron Music | My Healing Journey |
Music.Tron Syversen “The music is gentle and extremely melodic, very reflective and soothing.” –Musicwatch, UK “This is new age music of the highest caliber.”...
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The Benefits of Energy Healing- Mind, Body, and Spirit Transformation Journey

The Benefits of Energy Healing- Mind, Body, and Spirit Transformation Journey | My Healing Journey |
This article is about how energy healing helped me make the final connection between my mind, body, and spirit. It details where it all began and how it has helped transform me into a better and happier person.
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A Closer Look at Positive Energy

A Closer Look at Positive Energy | My Healing Journey |
Modern science advocates that the subconscious brain is capable of processing some 20,000,000 environmental stimuli per second, compared to the conscious brain, which may struggle with as few as...
Mike Pestano's curator insight, February 2, 2015 12:56 PM

Positive energy has a powerful impact whether it be physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It's especially more relevant in today's volatile world where what happens at work spills over to one's personal life.

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Lemurian Healings

Lemurian Healings | My Healing Journey |

My Lemurian Healing Experience. One of a kind and fantastic! Thank you Maya at



My Healing Journey- Lemurian Healings by Mike Pestano

Life teaches many lessons and over the years it has brought me so many wonderful and rich experiences. At the same token it has also tested me very profoundly and sternly as there were times I felt I would break down and not be able to get back up. The resiliency of the human spirit is quite amazing and once you realize how powerful you are then nothing can stop you.

When I started my spiritual journey of transformation back in November 22, 2011 through energy healing it has led me towards a deeper desire to truly seek more answers. I have been blessed with so much because of the healing sessions with Radhaa of Golden Goddess Healing. When she referred me to Maya Devi of Lemurian Healings it would turn out to be an experience so rich and vivid. As a young boy I had read about the ancient lands and civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis. Back in those days I was limited to what encyclopedias and science books could tell me about those ancient civilizations. There was hardly anything substantial about Lemuria on television at that time. I learned more about this ancient land and civilization from my vast collection of comic books of Aquaman.

From my memories of those I knew that Lemuria was a very powerful, ancient, and spiritual civilization that was very distinct from Atlantis. Its existence predated much of what is written about in history. One thing I've always wondered about was how young our current civilization is compared to the age of our planet. Modern humans have been here for just several thousand years and our evolutionary ancestors have only been around not more than a few million years. Yet our mother planet itself is over 8 billion years old. There is compelling and unexplained evidence that our planet has at one time been populated with very advanced civilizations.

Majority of discussions about ancient civilizations would almost always bring up Atlantis in the conversation. Lemuria to me was shrouded in mystery because there was limited information about it at that time. I've always had such an affinity and fascination about them. Learning about the truth now especially about Lemuria and my ancient connections to it provides a great sense of fulfillment.

I've always felt that I was different growing up. How different? I can't really pinpoint in exact logical detail as most people here would want things to be explained. But if you're the kind of person with an open mind and heart that is not dictated by cord, hard facts and logic then you will know that what I am feeling.

When we rely too much on logic and scientific factual evidence then we lose perception, instinct, and the real connection to our universe. Our energies dictate otherwise and as much as we deny it we cannot help but realize it has always been there. For me the time was right for me and my heart and mind were as one in seeking the truth for something more profound and spiritual.

My very first time speaking to Maya over the phone I could definitely feel her powerful presence. There was that aura that emanated strongly and spread through her voice and her words. Now that I had the opportunity to meet her face to face that feeling grew even stronger and I wanted to learn more about her Lemurian Healings.

When you go through energy healing it opens the doors to your heart and your soul to expand even more and your consciousness takes on a higher and heightened awareness. I knew and felt this so when I finally sat down in the healing room with Maya there was so much that was ready to come out. It was like I was a tightly coiled and wound up top ready to be set free.

It started with Maya having me tell my story about my own life and experiences and what led me to this point. I told my story about my life and about how the last 25 years of it has impacted me up to this point. Once she heard and felt those experiences of my life she knew where to begin the Lemurian Healings process. She first had me meditate and focus on my heart chakra and to connect myself with the inner me that has been waiting to come out all these years.

The experience and process of connecting to my inner self would turn out to be a most vivid and spiritual one. It began with the visualization of myself transforming into a physique akin to a powerful warrior, rippling with muscles and resonating with an inner power that matched the outward appearance. It was like seeing myself shedding my old skin as it is now and morphing into a bronzed and more powerful version. I would compare it to seeing the Pillsbury Dough Boy morph into the body of Conan the Barbarian. Then when that physical transformation completed itself the next process began.

I found myself hurtling through time and space and it was exhilarating. I felt like I was in a time machine spinning backwards so rapidly the images and sounds were hard to pin down. If there was a gauge on this machine the numerical revolutions would be in the millions and millions of years. I was taken back to a time where I saw this magnificent warrior king standing atop a mountain ledge overlooking a vast horizon of islands and seas.

Imagine yourself standing on top of the highest point on earth and below you and as far as the eye can see stretches vast islands resplendent in lush greenery. Of seas stretching towards the setting sun shining a golden orange hue upon the seas surrounding the islands. The structures on the islands were unlike anything I'd ever seen before. I could feel like I was right there breathing in the air so pure and fresh and there was that sublime feeling of calmness permeating my very being. I felt like I was in a movie setting that combined the Lord of the Rings with Avatar mixed in with a bit of Gladiator and Excalibur.

I could see the image of this powerfully built warrior standing atop that ledge and he too was dressed in something that bespoke of his nobility and power. He had long flowing dark hair and his skin color was a deep bronze. On his head I could see that he was wearing some sort of golden tiara which wrapped around his forehead. In the middle of the tiara was a large polished gemstone of a white and golden hue. He was wearing a flowing white cape of a material I would liken to silk. There was fine golden embroidery stitched on the edges of the cape and there was a golden braid with a clasp that wrapped itself around his neck.

In his left arm he held a golden ornament from which emanated a whitish/yellowish bright light. It wasn't fire at all, it was like an energy field. In his right hand he held a golden broadsword. I noticed too that on his wrists he wore golden bands. He is gazing outward towards what I just described. Like a king surveying his territory, his kingdom. For the longest time he just gazes outward and towards the end of the horizon as far and wide as the eye can see. Then after what seemed like a long period of time I find myself hurtling back to the present. Or what I think is the present.

I see an image of a person in a meditative sitting pose floating in space as the stars and suns of the universe surround his very being. I would describe this being as a celestial one since I could see stars and planets in him. Think of space and what you would normally see. Now think of a human shaped body and contained in that body was space and the cosmos itself. Outside that body was also space, the stars, planets, and everything that the universe has. I found myself transported inside of that body and it was like I could feel myself out there in space connected to all the stars in it. It literally felt like I was out there in the vastness of space and I was connected to it all. There was that feeling of calmness, serenity, and enthrallment all at the same time. I felt like that comic book character the Silver Surfer travelling on a galactic surfboard.

Then as that image faded I was brought back into the images of both the warrior king and the celestial body as one in a parallel view. I found myself slowly overcome with emotions as these images melded together and there was that rush of pain. Such overwhelming, excruciating pain and sadness. I started crying and sobbing as I was wracked with these feelings of extreme pain, guilt, shame, and embarrassment. It flowed and flowed and I could feel so much of it rush out of my body like it was being sucked out by a giant vacuum. After that I felt so exhausted and drained yet at the same time my body and mind felt clear and unencumbered.

The second part of the Lemurian Healings process had me lying down on the healing table and this part was even more vivid. My eyes were closed and I was entering into a meditative state and after a few minutes I could see something start appearing in front of me. Even though my eyes were closed I could see colors shift from a white and yellow blend to a blue color that was resembling that of a nebula. It was of different hues with a kind of reflective aspect. In that gaseous cloud I noticed an eye staring at me. Faint at first and I stared back and it got closer. As the image of the eye got closer I saw that the iris, cornea and retina were of a greenish gold combo and the sclera(the white of the eye) was black. I guess you could call it a reptilian kind of eye and the darn thing kept staring at me. It was a bit scary and intimidating at first as the eye hovered and moved around like it was trying to avoid something.

As the minutes passed the eye would fade slowly into the distance until I could not see or detect any trace of it. Then the colors would change from the blue to a series of burgundy, red, gold, purple, white, yellow, pink, green, and many more. It was like the vivid colors of millions of pixels colliding, coalescing, and morphing. I felt like I was in a planetarium watching the universe present a galactic and cosmic show of epic proportions. Except that I wasn't just watching it, I was in it and riding a cosmic wave on my galactic surfboard. The feeling was so incredible, a fantastic feeling of freedom unencumbered and unchained. I would call the experience the cosmic version of the Titanic and I've got my arms stretched yelling "I'm the King of the Universe."

I've had these dreams before but to see these visions and images while awake and in a meditative state was something to behold. It's like my spirit was there as part of the universe riding the cosmic waves and feeling the cosmic winds and the radiance of the light from the billions of stars permeate through and outwards. It was a journey of EPIC proportions and it was like a movie of a lifetime. I didn't want it to end and I was taken back to the present not in a rush but in a soft silky kind of slow motion. The whole experience ends with an image of our planet, the oceans, the lands unfolding like the panning of a camera from a bird's eye view high above to swooping down to sea level.

So what do I make of all this and what does the future hold for me? If I was to literally interpret everything in the visions like the typical way a human processes sensory information it would be overwhelming and unexplainable. The best way I can describe the whole experience would be to relate it to movies of our time. Take one part Lord of the Rings, one part Stargate including the Atlantis saga, one part Avatar, sprinkle in Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactic, with a dash of Gladiator, Braveheart, and that's how I felt.

I highly encourage everyone that is looking for ways to connect their mind, body, and spirit and start healing in all aspects of their lives to check out Maya of Lemurian Healings at The journey towards discovery, fulfillment, and most importantly finding yourself begins from within through her and with her.

My life has been so irrevocably and positively changed with the healing sessions from Radhaa of Golden Goddess Healing and now with Maya of Lemurian Healings. An incredible combination, the best combo! The answers we seek and the guidance we crave are facilitated by these experts of healing. They embody genuine compassion, love, generosity, and purity of life and spirit. Carpe Diem! 



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Love is At War- The Battle within ourselves - Mike Pestano (ateneo3pt) - 2011

Love is At War- The Battle within ourselves - Mike Pestano (ateneo3pt) - 2011 | My Healing Journey |
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Crystalline Sanctuary

Crystalline Sanctuary | My Healing Journey |
Welcome to Crystalline Sanctuary. It is our honour to share our work with YOU.
Please browse the site to find articles, information and our services offered to help you unlock levels of self.
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The Benefits of Energy Healing- Mind and Body Connection

The Benefits of Energy Healing- Mind and Body Connection | My Healing Journey |
When I started out my journey of transformation just over a year ago I knew the main key to success would be to connect my mind and body and have them work together as one. I remember from my younger years when I competed in baseball, basketball,...
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2012 - The Revolution Has Begun (1080p HD)

Credit: Original 480p version uploaded by Mrrockitman on 1 Mar 2011 (thank you). An excellent montage of key positive and negative energy manifestations on o...
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My Healing Transformation: Diet and Exercise Program

My Healing Transformation: Diet and Exercise Program | My Healing Journey |
Here I am on Jan.7 at 217 lbs. To lose all that weight the right way I knew would take a while in order to make it truly effective. There is that temptation to go for the quick fix and we tend to fall into that instant gratification conditioning.


You also need to make that internal decision to stick to the program no matter what. For me it was a matter of survival and wanting to live a productive and happier life free of pain, lack of energy, and mental malaise.

Now before anyone sets forth to start on any exercise program consult a medical professional to determine your capacity and ability to do so. This is even more important especially if you have existing medical conditions and under medication. In my case I was a type 2 Diabetic with hypertension and high cholesterol and triglycerides. For my program I had to start with the following 10 major dietary changes below.

Reduction or elimination of white rice, enriched white flour, pasta, fruit juices, sodas, diet sodas, and pretty much anything with a high glycemic index.
Inroduce more low to medium glycemic foods with high fiber content like yams, sweet potatoes, leafy greens, avocados, quinoa, steel cut oatmeal, brown rice, agave nectar, coconut sugar, and cruciferous vegetables.
Make sure to drink at least ten 8 oz. glasses of water daily. Rule of thumb for me was to drink 16 ounces of pure fresh clean water upon first getting up in the morning.
Do not skip breakfast. Make breakfast your heaviest meal of the day and let that fuel you properly. Typical breakfast for me would be a bowl of oatmeal with a splash of almond or coconut milk with half a banana plus a 4 egg white omelette of mushrooms and minced garlic. I would wash that down with 1 scoop of whey protein isolate powder blended with 8 oz. of water and crushed ice.
Reduction towards gradual elimination of processed foods and fast food. Yep, if you want to do it right no more McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, and KFC on a regular basis. You can have your one cheat meal or cheat day of the week of your choice to keep your sanity. But if you have the willpower to keep it to one cheat meal that would be even better. One thing you will notice is when you reduce this aspect of your diet over time your body will not like it being reintroduced later on. For me a cheat meal from any of those fast foods would induce a nasty stomach ache and made me lethargic. For me I'd say that the percentage of these meals for the entire year was about 5% overall. The last part of the year I had weaned myself of them.
I made sure to eat 5 to 6 smaller meals during the day and that my dinner was the lightest one and very minimal carbs after 7 pm! By feeding your body smaller portions throughout the day you will fire up your metabolic furnace over a longer period of time.
My ideal protein choices were organic free range eggs, lean beef cuts, turkey breast, skinless chicken breast or thighs, fresh wild caught salmon, red snapper, sole, mahi mahi, tuna, and sardines. My cooking oils of choice were extra virgin olive oil and virgin coconut oil. I made sure that I would eat 3 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil daily. My doctor was not a big fan of it and kept saying saturated fat was bad. To me that was a bunch of hooey. Get yourself a book about virgin coconut oil by Dr. Barry Fife and read up on what it's really all about.
Before going to bed I would blend 1 scoop of whey protein powder, 3 teaspoons of greens plus, and 6 oz. of unsweetened almond or coconut milk and crushed ice a half hour before going to bed.
Check your food labels and avoid anything with high fructose corn syrup, anything with the word hydrogenated, corn, soybean, canola oils, any margarines aside from Smart Balance, white sugar, aspartame, acesulfame, and saccharin. There's a bigger list you will learn to avoid but for now start with these.
Since I was lactose intolerant I avoided as much dairy products as I could. I love cheese but I had to cut that down too. The kind of saturated fats in dairy products are the ones that clog up your arteries and give you that fatty belly.
Exercise program:

Nothing fancy for the first 3 months for me. I knew that at my starting weight of 280 pounds the stress on my joints and cardiovascular system would be dramatic. So I started the first month like this:

Month 1: 10 minutes on the stationary bike to warm up then move on to the treadmill for 10 minutes at a pace of 2.0 and zero incline. I would finish off with 10 minutes on the Apex elliptical. Have your gym help you figure out the best comfortable pace for you. Make sure to stretch 10 minutes each before and after your session. I would do wrist circles, arm circles forward and backward, ankle circles, knee bends, side bends, and neck circles. I would do this for 5 days a week. If you can't do it 5 days straight don't force yourself. Get in a day of rest after the first 3 days so your body recuperates.

Months 2 and 3: After the first month I was able to begin on a more moderate approach. I would start with 10 minutes on the stationary bike using the weight loss setting. Then it was on to the treadmill for 15 minutes using the weight loss setting and finally another 20 minutes on the Apex elliptical using you guessed it the weight loss setting. Not too many people are aware or familiar with the different settings on these machines but it takes the guesswork about when you ease up or kick it up a notch. It follows the principles of H.I.I.T. or High Intensity Interval Training. What that type of training does is kick up your metabolism and keep your body burning fat longer over a 14 hour time period.

Months 4 to 6: Now I was ready to bring more fuel to the fire and so I did. After warm ups I would get on the Apex elliptical for 45 minutes and just crank it. I love this machine because it did not place any stress on my knees . Weight loss setting on level 2 was the ticket for me. For my concentration and visualization I had my iPod shuffle cranking my favorite workout music. For me I loved playing the music from all the Rocky movies and added my favorite 80s mixes. It's really up to you how you want to move but I found that music allowed me to enter into a zone of visualization and concentration.

Months 7 to 12 and onwards: By now I was in pretty decent shape and down to 235 lbs. and now was the time to sculpt. This meant introducing weight training to the equation. After a decade of not touching a barbell or dumbbell I knew my strength and endurance levels would be compromised and I was right. To adjust to this I made a basic program of relearning all the compound multi-joint movements and revive muscle memory. I would work different body parts based on major and minor muscles and split them up over 5 days. I would highly recommend you find a good personal or fitness trainer to guide you especially if you have not done anything like this at all.

For me it was a matter of applying my knowledge from the different training programs I learned in different sports like baseball, basketball, swimming, and of course weight training. I may not be a certified trainer but I learned all these principles way before fitness trainers became really fashionable and a great career choice.

Your program may have to accommodate your own particular individual knowledge and experiences so be open to learning new things.

Here's my Phase 1 program:

Mondays- Leg day- since our legs are our largest muscle groups you have to devote it to this and focus on your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. I worked calves separately because after you go expend everything on legs you may have to crawl your way out of the gym. But as they say no pain and no gain.

3 sets and 3 different exercises for quads, glutes, and hamstrings with a rep count between 8 to 12 only.

My exercises would be leg presses, leg extensions, romanian deadlifts, lunges, squats, side lunges, lstanding leg curls, lying leg curls and deadlifts.

Tuesdays and Saturdays- Chest, biceps, abs

3 sets of Nautilus or Machine Bench press- 8 to 12 reps

3 sets Dumbbell Incline presses- 8 to 12 reps

3 sets Pec Dec flyes- 8 to 12 reps

3 sets of Crunches- 25 reps each

3 sets of Leg raises- 15 reps each

3 sets of Reverse crunches- 25 reps each

3 sets EZ Barbell curls- 8 to 12 reps

3 sets seated Incline curls- 8 to 12 reps

3 sets Preacher machine curls- 8 to 12 reps

Wednesday- Rest day from weights. Cardio for 30-45 minutes if I felt like it.

Thursdays- Back, Triceps, Traps

3 sets each for 8 to 12 reps

Lat Pulldowns

Pulley Rows

One armed dumbbell rows

Bent over barbell rows

Barbell Shrugs

Upright Rows

Triceps Pressdowns

Reverse Cable Pressdowns

Overhead dumbbell extensions

Fridays- Shoulders

3 sets each of 8 to 12 reps

Standing Military Barbell Press

Dumbbell Overhead Press

Dumbbell Front raises

Side Lateral Raises

Bent over Rear Lateral Raises

Overhead Bench Presses

So there you have my Phase 1 Transformation Program. It took a year to do it but its the best gift I ever gave myself. Now it's onto Phase 2 for me and an even more dramatic transformation. Chase your dreams and keep moving forward.


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Log in | Tumblr

Log in | Tumblr | My Healing Journey |

There comes a time in one's life when you just get sick and tired of being sick and tired. In my case I just wanted to have a life where I didn't feel so sapped of energy, motivation, desire, and happiness. Everything had gone a downward spiral for me and the only way out was to make that final decision to just turn my life around. I look back at pictures of myself from 2006 weighing in at a whopping 297 pounds and remember the extreme struggle it took just to get down to 275 pounds by December of 2010. Type 2 Diabetes or Adult-Onset diabetes is a insidious disease that slowly destroys your body from the inside out.


It is a disease that affects every major organ of your body from your brain, your heart, liver, kidneys, stomach, pancreas, your blood, everything. It affects your sleep, your libido, your mental capacity to think and concentrate, your vision, and disrupts your life like no other. The sad thing is I let myself slide into that situation by having the disease of denial. The prescription drugs that my doctor advised me to take didn't help matters any further. It's like a catch-22 wherein you take medications like Actos, Metformin, Lipitor, Zestril, Glyzzheride, and other tongue-twisting drugs that in their own right also have side effects on your kidneys, liver, and heart. It also slows down your metabolism and causes water retention and weight gain. Basically I was fat and sick in my body and mind.


The only thing I had left was my spirit. The one last remaining aspect of me that was still in there fighting the good fight. Never surrendering to the walls of doom that was my body slowly closing in and try to snuff whatever was left deep inside. Years before my spirit was what carried me to rise above tragedies and misfortunes that life threw at me. This malaise, this rut I was in because of this disease was affecting every aspect of my life and I finally said to myself enough was enough. This was the deepest hole I was ever in and I did not want to go out like this. No, I did not want the light that shone so bright years before be dimmed simply because I gave up on myself. It was a cry for help from my soul that resonated to my mind and my body.


The injury I suffered on my right elbow is what I look at as the unseen hero in all this. At first I was very bitter about the whole thing. Racked with pain all day and all night, drugged up with painkillers for the first 6 months I was not a happy camper. I think that when your back is truly against the wall that your survival instinct kicks in and you just say enough is enough. Time to will myself back into the game of life. I was in such a dense fog that I had lost myself in a morass that I didn't even recognize myself anymore. But the human spirit is quite unique. It finds ways to tell you in a language wholly its own that all is not lost. That this is not the way destiny was meant to be.

When I told the rehab doctor back in August of 2010 that I was going to stop taking the painkillers they were giving me every week he looks at me incredulously. I said I was going to tough it out and suck it up and that I was not going to let those painkillers put me into a further stupor. This was my way of beginning to fight back slowly but surely. I had to concentrate and reconfigure my brain to awaken the left side of my body and condition it to be the dominant side. Being right handed I had lived practically all my life being fully dependent on my right side for everything I did. After it was determined by MRI that month that I indeed had a torn ligament and tendon I knew that surgery was going to be next. It didn't matter that they tried acupuncture and rehab exercises beforehand. I just had to get myself in the mindset that I would face that down the road.


I was placed on temporary total disability and I had to go through the process of recovery. But before I went on disability I was working on a project with a friend setting up the Internet sales department and network for a major car dealership. He had noticed my bitterness and anger and as a friend he slowly started to share with me snippets of wisdom gleaned from his own fight with his own demons. At first I resisted but as time passed I saw that his spirit had faith and strength that kept him together. I had that before and I let it hide deep within me. After I was notified that I had to go on temporary total disability I had to let go of that project and begin my journey. That was that fateful month of December 2010 and this is where the healing began.

Obviously I had to start somewhere and I found my epiphany not in the traditional way that it had presented itself to me in years past. I didn't feel the joy and happiness of the Christmas season at that time and it was only reinforced by certain events and acts by those close to me that made me feel betrayed. It made me feel really alone like I had always felt ever since I was a kid . It reinforced my mindset that this was a battle that I would wage on my own under my own terms. It further got reinforced on that New Year's Eve with a brief conversation with a good friend of mine who was a brilliant neurosurgeon. He told me that if I did not make any immediate changes to my lifestyle that the metabolic syndrome I was suffering from would be what I needed to understand.


And so I did start that journey on my own after mapping out my plan for transformation. I knew that I would have to do this in stages and that this would be the longest battle I would wage against myself. I needed healing inside and there was a lot of stuff festering inside of me. I just had to really internalize everything and envision myself down the road a transformed and vibrant man. When I joined the gym in January of 2011 I knew that my physical condition was at the bottom rung of the bottom rung. And it was for the first week. I felt like giving up those first days. I could hardly finish the first 15 minutes of the treadmill and the resulting soreness the next day made me feel even worse. I knew I had to be in better shape to get ready for my surgery in March even though it was a relatively minor procedure according to the surgeon. No more excuses I say to myself. I could feel the spirit in me being revived. That very same spirit that carried me through previous life battles was resurfacing and I felt that spark.


The other thing I needed to fix was my diet. After researching about metabolic syndrome further I knew I had to deal with the unholy trinity of high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol and triglycerides. Those three deadly conditions were fueled by the wrong food choices which happened to be white rice, white flour, and white pasta. It was all coming back to me now, like a fog slowly lifting. The years of knowledge I had accumulated while working at GNC was coming back. I found my old books of nutrition that I had kept in the back and turned to them once more. The insidious cravings for sweets, salty, and fatty highly processed foods was killing me and I let myself fall into that trap. It was a vicious cycle that needed to be broken and it was my very life at stake. I did not like envisioning myself twenty years into the future in a wheelchair, blind in one eye, missing a limb, and waiting for a nurse to change my senior diapers. No, I would not go down like that. That was not life, that was a death sentence of my own making.


Days turned into months and the weight slowly dropped off and by the end of April I had dropped down to 255 lbs. In years past I couldn't get past the 260 pound mark and by hitting this threshold it emboldened me. I still hurt from the surgery and could not use any weight beyond 3 pound dumbbells and so I focused on the cardiovascular aspect. I knew that the traditional low and slow method of cardio was not what would burn off the fat surrounding me so I adjusted my training. I went back to the principles I had followed in 1998 when I did Bill Phillips' program called Body for Life. I remembered that what worked for my body was doing cardio following the High Intensity Interval Training or H.I.I.T. principles. I went back and readjusted in May and that's when everything took off.


Now it was September 2010 and everyone noticed the transformation I was going through and congratulated me on my achievements. I had brought my weight down to 235 lbs., lost 6 inches off my waist, and more importantly my mind and spirit were a lot clearer than it had ever been in a long time. I had made a transition into really focusing on social media with my friends at MIH Marketing and I was moving forward. I was also voted in as the new Treasurer of the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Orange County. For the first time in years I felt joy and happiness start coming back to me and my attitude and mindset were definitely a lot more positive.

That same month I would attend an event at the W Hotel in Hollywood and meet someone that would forever change my life. I didn't know at that time that she was a healer or anything like that. Her name's Radhaa and she's one of the most genuine, generous, and compassionate persons I have met. I guess you could call it fate or destiny but all I know is she unlocked and unwrapped so much trapped negative experiences, pain, heartache, grief, anger, despair, and set me on the path of healing. I learned that energy healers like her do make a huge impact in healing us and setting us on the path to be our true selves.


My spiritual healing officially begun on November 22, 2011 and in that span of time until now I have made a quantum leap in every aspect of myself. It came just at the right juncture where I was trying to figure out what my next Phase would be. I have learned so much about myself in the past 48 days and it has reflected outward in my physical appearance and inward in my mental and spiritual attitudes. It's like having so many intricate locks releasing and I see myself as free and un-encumbered by my previous programming and conditioning. That is why I call this a Healing Transformation and this is just the start of another journey wherein I am cognizant of what I want for my life and to achieve my true dreams. I am very thankful and grateful for what she has done for my life and joyful in the fact that I have found someone I can call a true friend.


I continue on this journey with an open heart, mind, and soul and know that she is there to hold open that space of healing. Through it all her pure unconditional love, generosity and concern for all her friends and clients is what I believe sets her far apart from most people. For everyone out there that is in need of healing and not sure where or whom to turn to then Radhaa is that genuine loving and caring person to be your healer.


Now I am in Phase 2 of my Healing Transformation and in this blog I will share with you that further metamorphosis and transformation. I recognize that life will try and throw more challenges ahead for me. But I know that ever since I started facing life with a consistent positive attitude that the manifestations of positive results have become more common than ever before. We become what we think and we can only begin that journey when it truly comes from deep within.


My healer Radhaa can be contacted through

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My Healing Journey with Golden Goddess Healing

My Healing Journey with Golden Goddess Healing | My Healing Journey |

This was my first real experience about energy healing and it was a life-changing and positive influence thanks to Radhaa. When she released the negative energy that had festered inside of me for so many years I felt both at peace and exhilarated by it. I thought that this was something I had learned to cope with and accept but evidently it had not. Immediately after the first healing session I experience more blessings come my way with more opportunities coming my way. These opportunities were in line with the rediscovery of my true self or at least towards the path of the truth and positive light.

I'm usually very guarded about myself because of all the negative experiences and keep my guard up as my defense. Radhaa's healing room put me at ease and her calm and caring demeanor also added to my feeling of trust and openness. As she placed the crystals and stones on various points of my body she then sat down and near me and began meditating to release the negative energy while talking to me calmly at the same time. I could feel my body initially start to resist but as the minutes went on I could feel my muscles relax and start letting go of the negative energy stored in my body's cells. All the pain and hurt came rushing out of me and I found myself releasing it and crying like never before. A flood of memories took me back to many happy places I forgot about because my body was coping with the hurt.

As the initial wave of deep negative energy left my body I could feel the tensions that weighed heavily on my head, neck, shoulders, and back slip away. It was like having a gigantic load be lifted off of me and have it replaced with positive energies of soft soothing light I could see even though my eyes were closed. As the days have worn on I would experience more and more of this release of the negative energy and at the same time be replaced by one filled with love, happiness, and a general overall positive vibe. It would vary from gentle rolling waves much akin to sitting on the beach and the waves of water slowly roll in and gently caress the grains of sand all the way to my feet.

There were days where it also felt like thunderous swells of waves and violent windstorms would buffet me in my dreams. Then suddenly they would be replaced by clear skies and a calm peaceful ocean shimmering like an endless mirror from the light reflected by the beautiful rays of a warm yellow sun. Most of my days since that first healing session have been very positive and peaceful and has given me back a sense of true purpose and meaning. I am so very thankful for Radhaa's healing and she is a very special person and healer that will help you find the inner you and enable you to be happy and at peace. I look forward to my next healing sessions and peel away the other layers that have held me back. I highly recommend this to anyone so you can be happy, healthy, and true to yourself.

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365 Days of Healing Transformation-Mind, Body, Spirit Connection - Mike Pestano (ateneo3pt) - 2012

365 Days of Healing Transformation-Mind, Body, Spirit Connection - Mike Pestano (ateneo3pt) - 2012 | My Healing Journey |
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Golding Goddess Healing If you're ready to remove old ideas and patterns from your life, Quantum DNA Theta healing is the answer. Quantum DNA Energy Healing...
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Personal Transformation: Anything Is Possible - Huffington Post

Personal Transformation: Anything Is Possible - Huffington Post | My Healing Journey |
Personal Transformation: Anything Is PossibleHuffington PostAs I've mentioned in this "Personal Transformation" series, we're so hard on ourselves, filled with negative beliefs, assumptions, thoughts, feelings and paradigms about what's wrong with...
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Is sugar toxic?

Is sugar toxic? | My Healing Journey |
Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports on new research showing that beyond weight gain, sugar can take a serious toll on your health, worsening conditions ranging from heart disease to cancer.
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Golden Goddess Healing

Golden Goddess Healing | My Healing Journey |
Be Fearless. Be Yourself.I found myself through energy healing
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Ever-Flowing Streams of Healing Energy (book) by Dana Taylor on AuthorsDen

Ever-Flowing Streams of Healing Energy (book) by Dana Taylor on AuthorsDen | My Healing Journey |
Ever-Flowing Streams of Healing Energy,   “Ever-Flowing Streams” chronicles the author's  spiritual adventure thr (@supernaldana "Ever-Flowing Streams of Healing Energy" by Dana Taylor FREE today at Amazon.)...
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Energy healing on CNN int'l with Carolyn Coleridge

Energy Healing featured on CNN and an enlightening interview with Dr. Oz.

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Trailer | Dreams Awake

Trailer | Dreams Awake | My Healing Journey |
Exclusive Clip: Erin Gray & Tim O'Connor reunite in Dreams Awake after more than 30 years.
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The Future Is Here: Why Energy Healing Will Change the Planet | Energetic Health - StumbleUpon

The Future Is Here: Why Energy Healing Will Change the Planet
Written by Jill Ettinger


When Master Yoda said to Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back, "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter", he was pretty accurate, scientifically speaking.

Once considered woo-woo New Age stuff, energy healing is an exploding market with effective results. Even Dr. Oz has called it the next wave in medicine. But the definition is fuzzy for many, and dismissive chuckles from skeptics don't exactly help boost confidence in nascent alternative treatments either. But, as the saying goes, the proof is in the electrochemical stimuli…

Cultures around the world have used energetic healings since injuries required it. Living creatures are electromagnetic beings built of cells and particles that transmit and receive different types of electricity and energy, and therefore, a number of types of energy healings have been highly effective. You've most likely heard of acupuncture (and if you're lucky, your insurance even covers it now, too). This ancient Chinese technique works extremely well in unblocking static energy in the body by using needles on key points where energy can commonly become blocked. Reiki is another technique that moves or channels energy through the body. Like acupuncture and reiki, pranic healing works by directing energy to healing parts of the body, but it's done without touch. Some practitioners can intuit or see blocked energy that causes illness or discomfort. Shamans and medicine (wo)men have successfully used song, prayer, dance and other energetic tools in healing for thousands of years.

The advent of antibiotics, sterilized operating rooms and the myriad of other incredible benefits of modern medicine have moved modernity away from energetic healings. But, as Western medicine, for all its advances, continues to leave a trail of sicker and angrier patients, many are turning to alternative treatments to heal minor and even more serious life-threatening ailments. With studies showing placebos often as effective as expensive drugs themselves, one does not need to necessarily believe in a chakra or qi system in order to heal it; one just needs to believe that they can be healed. And it sure feels like we're at a time when everyone on the planet could use some healing. Energy healings offer fewer (if any) side effects than prescription drug cocktails, and in many cases, they can be done at home, too. They're noninvasive, and as insurance carriers are starting to cover a variety of alternative healing modalities, exploring energy healing may be a worthwhile consideration as we move deeper into 2012 and beyond.

Keep in touch with Jill on Twitter @jillettinger

Image: Pink Sherbet Photography

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Justice is now finally being served to my cousin's murderers. Rest in peace Philip.

Justice is now finally being served to my cousin's murderers.  Rest in peace Philip. | My Healing Journey |
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My Healing Journey Begins- Thanks to Golden Goddess Healing

My Healing Journey Begins- Thanks to Golden Goddess Healing | My Healing Journey |

There comes a time in one's life that you just simply make that conscious decision to change yourself. What does change really mean? To me I was tired of the status quo, of living the same humdrum existence and always wondering what if? What if I did this or what if I did not? So many questions and time creeps up on you. Then you realize that you're just sick and tired of being sick and tired.


But where would one start? I started my journey December 10, 2010 when I said to myself this is it. I first had to formulate a plan of action. There had to be a starting point and I decided that for change to happen I would start with the physical aspect. I said to myself this is now or never. No turning back and just saying at least I tried. No, this time it had to be a fundamental change I had to internalize. It had to come from deep within me.


Fast forward to December 13, 2011 and I did succeed in the initial phase of my physical change. What I didn't realize was how much it would also impact and spill over into the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of my being. You see, change has to encompass everything about oneself. This desire sends a message out to the universe of that desire to change. I've always felt that my connection and my existence was not just based on the faith and religion I was baptized into. But the past twenty plus years I just led an existence that relegated to the back shadows my true self.

When I first met my energy healer Radhaa I did not realize she was one. But from that very first day of meeting her I could sense something different about her from pretty much everyone I knew. There was a presence about her, like she was on a different wavelength and frequency unlike any I have ever encountered. I've had my past experiences about feeling something on a higher plane. Of something that went beyond the black and white of physical matter and laws of physics. I'll get into those experiences in more depth in a succeeding post. 


As I got to know her over the past couple of months I learned she was an energy healer and she and her mom were descended from a lineage of powerful healers from my home country the Philippines. This opened the door even further for me to connect the dots about how this energy healing would be the one and only key to the change I so craved. Is it fate or destiny? I think it's the confluence of the frequencies, the energy from the cells that emanates into the universe seeking the connection it needs. I've always been curious about this and wanted to explore my inner self.


I wanted to learn from the true essence of what we all are, not something drummed into my head by years of programming from the structures of mainstream civilization and religion. I went to visit Radhaa's site when she texted me about it back in late October. Once there I was drawn to the home page part about the Shock and Trauma. It brought back a flood of memories from my past and I said to myself this was the time to heal once and for all.


It took a few more weeks before I finally went for the very first healing session with Radhaa. The start of my true healing began on Nov.22. I had an idea of what to prepare for and the most important thing is that you have to truly and wholeheartedly want it. Our minds are the key to what we want to achieve in our lives. I approached this with the same openness I had for my physical change. My experience with it is in the Energy Healing page of my blog under Testimonials. My journey continues now and it is a revelation as much as a testimonial to the gift of healing that Radhaa has.

Healing sessions are powerful, very much so in fact whether in person or through the phone. My own personal experiences after the second session takes me into more deeper releasing and acknowledgment of what I bottled up inside of me for many years. It fills me with an inspiration while at the same time I acknowledge the hurts, the pain, the losses, and the regrets of my life. As I write about this now the feelings engulf me yet I am not afraid anymore. Usually this time of the holiday season I get into a melancholy mood and for years I just could not pinpoint why. Do I still feel that now? Just a bit, but I completely trust my healer Radhaa and she is a truly compassionate and loving person. There are just some things that feel so indescribable at this point.


The experiences so far has reborn in me the passion to write. Whether it is on this blog or in my written journal I will share my journey to those who want to come along with me. Better yet, create your own healing journey and make that conscious decision you will never ever regret. Life is about moving forward and also about connecting. Connect with your inner self and you too will want to change. Your choice on whom to have guide you will be dictated by your emanating energy from your body's cells. And just like me it will manifest and connect you to the the universe through your healer. Be fearless.

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