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Stand Out & Shine
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Rescooped by Carole Pyke - The Personal Brand Storyteller from Just Story It!

Companies With The Best Stories Win: 10 Key Points For Telling Your Story - Forbes

Companies With The Best Stories Win: 10 Key Points For Telling Your Story - Forbes | Stand Out & Shine |
Winning entrepreneurs bond emotionally with employees, investors and customers--and dramatically increase their chances for funding and for long term success--when they hone their ability to tell meaningful stories about their businesses.


Here is an article discussing 2 examples of effective business storytelling for marketing/branding/identity purposes that really work. One is a small business (Baby Steals) and the other one is a large enterpriese (IKEA). You will notice the difference in their stories as the size of the business kicks in.


Pay close attention to what the founder of Baby Steals did/does -- because implicit in the example shared are story listening skills and how the stories she was hearing from customers/prospects also shaped the success of her company.


And then there are 10 tips for bringing storytelling into your business marketing/branding efforts. All are solid. A word of advice here -- working on several of these 10 tips takes time. The ideas you come up with during your first pass you will want to test with friends, colleagues, customers, and prospects. This is an iterative process where your focus and messaging gets sharper, clearer, and more powerful over time. So give yourself the opportunity to play. This goes no matter what size of business you have -- micro to large enteprise.


We are heading into the 4th quarter of the year -- what a great time to hone in on your business storytelling, laying a stronger foundation for your company in 2013.


This review was written by Karen Dietz for her collection of articles on business storytelling at ;

Via Dr. Karen Dietz
Carole Pyke - The Personal Brand Storyteller's insight:

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Scooped by Carole Pyke - The Personal Brand Storyteller!

Wine, Dinner and Story

Wine, Dinner and Story | Stand Out & Shine |

"What started out for me as a wine dinner on a Saturday night turned into a lesson on how well crafted stories can motivate behavior and burnish reputation.   And I thought all I was in for was a nice meal and some delicious wine."

Carole Pyke - The Personal Brand Storyteller's insight:

in the words of Michael Solender 

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