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"iPads are designed as inherently personal devices. There are no user logins or custom desktops for different users as there might be on a laptop or desktop. Many schools however share iPads between classes and students in much the same way that they share laptop carts. Laptops can accommodate different user logins and therefore protect individual student data.


iPads aren't laptops and can't be used the same way. Most iPad apps cache your login information. In other words, once you've logged in, they automatically remember your login information and open your data when the app is opened again. The little love letter or risqué rap lyrics that Joey wrote will pop right up on the screen for the next user who opens the app.


A 1:1 environment is where every student gets his own dedicated iPad and it's unquestionably the preferred model for school use. You'll have to overcome quite a few obstacles if you expect to share iPads between students. iPads just aren't built to be shared. Having said that, there are some considerations that make it a little easier and safer to share them. Here's a few:"

Excerpted from new book, iPad in Education for Dummies by Sam…

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