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House Cricks and Other Excuses to Get Out

House Cricks and Other Excuses to Get Out by Jaye Jayle, released 01 October 2016

1. Hanging Mirror
2. House Cricks
3. The Beast Keeps Cool
4. Sugar Ran Wild
5. Sculpting
6. Heaven is Cold
7. Miss Paranoia
8. Two-Headed Crow
9. Pull Me Back to Hell

“Anyone who is using more than two chords is just showing off.”

Woodie Guthrie’s famous quote became a mantra for young musicians who rallied around folk’s austerity, and later inspired a new generation of artists who basked in punk’s primitivism. Guthrie’s songs may not be an influence on Louisville’s Jaye Jayle, but his call for simplicity as a deliberate choice versus a matter of mere ability resonated with the veterans of Kentucky’s dark indie scene. Naming themselves Jaye Jayle as a pen name or a pseudonym to veer away from a traditional band moniker, the group sought to eliminate unnecessary variables and deconstruct their compositions down to their most concentrated essence. Jaye Jayle owe less to our nation’s roots music and more to peripheral rock bands that have taken the “less is more” attitude to its furthest reaches. Imagine Spacemen 3 without the saturated wall of distortion, or Neu! without the upbeat motorik pulse, or Lungfish without the shamanistic howls. But these reference points seem either too bombastic or too lush. Perhaps a nexus of The Troggs’ ham-fisted drumming, Angels of Light’s ominous twang, and Suicide’s swaths of negative space hits closer to the mark, but even that doesn’t do the band justice. Jaye Jayle’s debut album House Cricks and Other Excuses To Get Out is an exercise in tension and restraint, a tightrope act between singer-songwriter traditions and art rock experimentation, and an intersection of Southern cultural permutations and otherworldly sounds.

"About three years ago I started to write House Cricks. I didn't know I was writing an album. Twenty-seven songs and a few years later... Here is nine very focused excuses to make an album." - Jaye Jayle

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Chalice Hymnal

Chalice Hymnal by Grails, released 17 February 2017

1. Chalice Hymnal
2. Pelham
3. Empty Chamber
4. New Prague
5. Deeper Politics
6. Tough Guy
7. Rebecca
8. Deep Snow II
9. The Moth & The Flame
10. Thorns II
11. After The Funeral

When Grails dropped their fifth studio album, Deep Politics in 2011, it was instantly hailed as a cult classic and became the moment when Grails truly cultivated a sound all their own. Six years later, they advance that sound with their most lush, expansive album of their inspired career, Chalice Hymnal.

Rather than pick up where they left off, Grails take the sky-high riff-based heaviness of their earlier albums and distill it into a nuanced, widescreen opus. The perennial influences of mid-20th century Western film scores, obscure library music, and psychedelic krautrock are indelibly imprinted, but Chalice Hymnal exudes an eerie patience in unfurling the many layers of its subtle details.

Produced by the band over the past five years, Chalice Hymnal bears some of the European psych and experimental hip-hop production techniques of founding members Alex Hall and Emil Amos' other group, Lilacs & Champagne. Amos' meditative metal band, Om, and longtime singer-songwriter project, Holy Sons, also naturally find their way into the Chalice cauldron. Rounding out their leaner line-up, cofounder Zak Riles (also of experimental kraut-psych trio, Watter) layers synths and programming into an electronic-prog hybrid that pushes Grails further into the deep end, displaying a profound resonance, both musically and emotionally. No one else sounds like Grails, and on Chalice Hymnal they sound more like themselves than ever before.

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Clear Language

Clear Language by Balmorhea, released 22 September 2017

1. Clear Language
2. Sky Could Undress
3. Dreamt
4. Slow Stone
5. Ecco
6. Behind the World
7. Waiting Itself
8. 55
9. All Flowers
10. First Light

A decade-plus on the road, near-constant musical output, and shifting creative priorities caused the revered Austin duo, comprised of multi-instrumentalists Rob Lowe and Michael Muller, to soberly assess the band's future. What, in the form of Balmorhea, was there left to say? And did they have the energy to say it?

Stranger, the group's maximalist, genre-leaping full-length from 2012, had already seemed to trace the group's farthest bounds. And, over the years, they'd worked with a roving cast of accomplished string and rhythm players to craft a glassy-eyed, sage-brushed, instrumental Americana that, while celebrated in The New Yorker, Pitchfork and The Atlantic, among myriad other press, and attracting the film, ad, and television worlds risked pigeonholing them for good.

As they had in the beginning, in 2006, Muller and Lowe worked simply and with restraint, letting intuition guide them as they molded the 10 elegant, spacious gestures that comprise Clear Language. A relaxed, clear-eyed wonder tumbles through these songs like herons lancing through Kerouac's "hungermaking" fog. Clear Language is the sound of two friends transmitting unfettered meaning in a milieu choked by double-speak at every turn.

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Unhurried Creatures

Unhurried Creatures by m@kossa, released 21 February 2018

1. Kolkul feat. Maguera
2. Ino
3. Giora Semente
4. Isiimela
5. Kolkul feat. Maguera (Lukas Endhardt Remix)
6. Giora Semente (Yule Remix)
7. Isiimela (Temple Remix)

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Wanderlust by The Sarto Klyn V, released 24 January 2018

1. A Rumour
2. Dream No More
3. Her Shadow Cast
4. Occupy Your Fantasy
5. Just Because
6. No Question Why
7. Sink Lower
8. Lead You Astray

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Twin Fantasy

Twin Fantasy by Car Seat Headrest, released 16 February 2018

1. My Boy (Twin Fantasy)
2. Beach Life-In-Death
3. Stop Smoking (We Love You)
4. Sober to Death
5. Nervous Young Inhumans
6. Bodys
7. Cute Thing
8. High to Death
9. Famous Prophets (Stars)
10. Twin Fantasy (Those Boys)

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Live at Dunk! Fest 2017 (Live)

Live at Dunk! Fest 2017 (Live) by pg.lost, released 12 January 2018

1. Crystalline (Live)
2. Vultures (Live)
3. Ikaros (Live)
4. Versus (Live)
5. Yes I Am (Live)
6. Terrain (Live)
7. The Kind Heart of Lanigan (Live)

pg.lost are a post-rock band from Sweden. The band formed started in Norrköüing in 2005 and have released 5 studio albums so far. The overwhelming crowd response to pg.lost‘s seminal performance at Dunk! Festival in Belgium in 2017 left no doubts that this band is on the course for true greatness. The show was recorded and is now being released as a collaborative effort between Pelagic Records, Dunk!Records, who have already released stunning “live at Dunk!” – albums of other genre-defining acts, such as RUSSIAN CIRCLES and PELICAN and A Thousand Arms. For Fans of: Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai and Cult of Luna.

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Shaman's Movie, by DoZa

Shaman's Movie by DoZa, released 10 January 2018

1. Taxi Driver
2. Deep Breath
3. Never marry man, who sings song
4. Shaman's Movie
5. Rolling Flakes
6. Butterfly in Funeral Furs
7. Love Lament
8. Lucy without Diamonds in the Bohemian Sky

DoZa is a musical collage of psychedelic sound of the 60's, but rethought and filed over a new angle of view.
Mysterious and powerful music will not leave indifferent connoisseurs of psychedelic rock.

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Seeds Of A Dandelion, by Jono McCleery

Seeds Of A Dandelion by Jono McCleery, released 26 January 2018

1. Gabriel
2. Brand New Start
3. Know Who You Are At Every Age
4. Dinner At Eight
5. Morning Theft
6. Ingenue
7. God Bless The Child
8. Halo
9. Old Man's Back Again
10. Wild Is The Wind
11. Dream Letter
12. La Ritournelle

“Seeds Of A Dandelion” finds Jono stepping into new territory, piecing together a suite of cover versions of songs that date from 1941 to 2013 encompassing works by Billie Holliday, Scott Walker, both Buckleys (Tim and Jeff), Rufus Wainwright, Atoms For Peace (originators of recent single ‘Ingenue’) and Beyoncé (who co-wrote new single ‘Halo’). He has, historically, demonstrated amazing aptitude in translating the songs of inspirational predecessors - take, for example, his stunning versions of ‘Wonderful Life’ (Black, 1986) and Robert Wyatt’s ‘Age Of Self’ (1985) - but this is the first time that he has assembled an album entirely populated with cover versions.

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Dead Man's Hand, by Dead Man Tells no Tales

Dead Man's Hand by Dead Man Tells no Tales, released 08 January 2018

1. Long Way to the Platte City
2. The City is Crying (feat. Rimma Rukh)
3. One Shot and You're out
4. Mozzah
5. Count to Five
6. Billy H.

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Soul Food, by KOGNITIF

Soul Food by KOGNITIF, released 07 August 2016

1. Just Another Day
2. Soul Food
3. My Freedom Has No Price
4. Letter to My Last Love
5. That's Where It All Started
6. Common Ground (feat. The Mic Jordan)
7. Yeah Yeah Yeah
8. The Message
9. Tribute To The Classics
10. Punish Me
11. Whatever (feat. Oxy Hart) , trumpet by P. Kapetanakis
12. Twenty Past Four
13. Geronimo vs. Buffalo Bill
14. Mustang Melody
15. Walking On Sunshine

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The Light Came Down, by Josh Garrels

The Light Came Down by Josh Garrels, released 24 November 2016

1. The Light Came Down
2. What Child Is This
3. The Virgin Mary Had One Son
4. O Come O Come Emmanuel
5. Gloria
6. O Holy Night
7. Shepherd's Song
8. Hosanna
9. The Boar's Head
10. Merriment
11. Silent Night
12. Journey to Bethlehem
13. May You Find A Light
14. O Day Of Peace
15. Come To Him

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Thrush Metal, by Stella Donnelly

Thrush Metal by Stella Donnelly, released 06 April 2017

1. Mechanical Bull
2. Boys Will Be Boys
3. Mean To Me
4. Grey
5. A Poem

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Marked For Death

Marked For Death by Emma Ruth Rundle, released 30 September 2016

1. Marked For Death
2. Protection
3. Medusa
4. Hand of God
5. Heaven
6. So, Come
7. Furious Angel
8. Real Big Sky

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HURMOS by VIRTA, released 02 December 2016

1. Aallot
2. About to Fly
3. Time Travel
4. Härmä
5. The Landing
6. Uni
7. On the Run

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Divagations by Doctor Flake, released 23 February 2018

1. Boardwalk
2. Abyss
3. Park
4. Schoolyard
5. Cinema
6. Main street
7. Fields
8. Terminal

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Sherán by mononome, released 08 March 2018

1. Vicious Circle
2. Sherán
3. Stress Point
4. Call You My Own
5. Why Don't You Hold Me
6. Weird Inside

After a hiatus of almost 3 years and while contributing in to various compilations and collaborative releases as well as touring throughout Europe, March 2018 marks the release of mononome’s newest project, Sherán.

Being a self-demand to strive away from standards so far, as well as from his significant sound and groove he set sails for further experimentation. Sherán demanded for a whole different approach to sampling than his previous projects. Far from overplayed drum breaks and loops the idea behind this particular project was to “cut” and “chop” as much as possible.

Deriving out of a near innumerable bits of record samples, drum-lines become a patchwork of kicks, snares, hi-hats and percussive instruments chopped in such a heavy manner that the outcome comes to be as obscure as well as “unique” in most cases. Mainly laying them down in heavily abstracted ways, drums are clearly the protagonist, standing diverse while firm in the foreground of this farrago of sonic scapes.

While being intentionally out of his comfort zone, the way chosen to record and arrange the whole project remained familiar. Records on top of records fed into an AKAI MPC sampler. In most cases digging went deeper in view of the fact of having to extract pure solo sounds from each finding for the majority of the tracks, thus becoming more targeted and time consuming. From folklore Bulgarian instruments to Middle-eastern percussion and from Romanian Jazz to Italian spy-movie themes each sound bit that make up the entirety of this record was picked carefully as well as purposely so to serve the meaning behind the project’s title.

If we were to transform the sonics of “Sherán” into moving images these images would be those of a runaway trying to leave behind all the shadows that one can only see by himself. The title actually consists of two words -she ran- bind into one, while Sheran also stands as a first name in the Armenian language meaning “she who is beloved/worthy of love”. With that amount of minimal information provided around the concept and title of the record it is up to every individual’s perspective of imagination to follow up and unravel unique stories, idiosyncratic, divergent.

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Wait For Love

Wait For Love by Pianos Become The Teeth, released 16 February 2018

1. Fake Lighting
2. Charisma
3. Bitter Red
4. Dry Spells
5. Bay of Dreams
6. Forever Sound
7. Bloody Sweet
8. Manila
9. Love on Repeat
10. Blue

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Pissing Stars

Pissing Stars by Efrim Manuel Menuck, released 02 February 2018

1. Black Flags Ov Thee Holy Sonne
2. The State And Its Love And Genoicide
3. The Lion-Daggers Of Calais
4. Kills v. Lies
5. Hart_Kashoggi
6. A Lamb In The Land Of Payday Loans
7. LxOxVx / Shelter In Place
8. The Beauty Of Children And The War Against The Poor
9. Pissing Stars

PISSING STARS is inspired by the brief romance of american television presenter MARY HART and MOHAMMED KHASHOGGI, the son of a saudi arms dealer. i don’t know how long their union endured, but i remember reading about them when i was a desperate teenager – there was something about their pairing that got caught in my head. i was living in a flooded basement with two other lost kids and a litter of feral kittens. we were all unfed. this strange intersection – the televisual blonde and the rich saudi kid with the murderous father; it got stuck in me like a mystery, like an illumination- this vulgar pairing that was also love. these privileged scions of death and self-alienation, but also love. i’ve carried it in me for 3 decades now, this obscure memory, and i return to it often, tracing its edges like a worn talisman. this record is about the dissolution of their relationship, and the way that certain stubborn lights endure. this record was made in dark corners between 2016 and 2017. a very rough pair of years, shot thru with fatigue, depression, despair, and too many cigarettes and too much booze. but also = the giddiness of enervation, and the strange liberation of being emptied – borne aloft and carried by the drift. the world continues its eternal collapsing, fires everywhere and everything drained of meaning. this record was made in various states of unease, with a brittle heart and a clear intent. like running towards a cliff with 2 swinging knives, roaring with an idiot grin. overcome and overjoyed. this record is about the end of love and the beginning of love. this record is about the dissolution of the state, and all of us trapped beneath, and the way that certain stubborn lights endure. – ExMxMx

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Noirabesque by The Thing With Five Eyes, released 15 January 2018

1. Salem
2. Alma
3. Hedra
4. Zigurhat
5. Nakba
6. Taurus
7. Nehex
8. Qun
9. Selenga

The Thing With Five Eyes is the follow up to the disassembled projects The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble and The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation. Founder and main composer Jason Kohnen brought 5EYES to life in 2014 after the latter where terminated to continue his adventures into Darkjazz territories, this time accompanied by Algerian / French singer Leila Bounous who added the oriental and mystical timbre to the project. 5EYES ventures into the realms of dark jazz, ambient, ethiopique, post rock, doom metal and oriental music.
The ‘Noirabesque’ album concept is inspired by a futuristic prehistory, a past and future presence of unknown goddesses and the mystic powers of the feminine, mother earth, fertility’s cycles.

Videoclip : 'Salem' :
Directed by Andres Fouché

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Backflips, by Canailles

Backflips by Canailles, released 28 April 2017

1. Rendez-vous galant
2. Margarita
3. Backflips
4. Histoires de fantômes
5. Plumage
6. Jachère
7. Gna Gna
8. Machine à jus
9. Tête en lieu sûr
10. Chu brûlé
11. Genoux

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III, by Weedpecker

III by Weedpecker, released 05 January 2018

1. Molecule
2. Embrace
3. Liquid Sky
4. From Mars To Mercury
5. Lazy Boy And The Temple Of Wonders

Let’s face it: the world of “drug rock” (whatever your drug of choice might be) is oversaturated, and “psychedelic” is a term thrown around so often and thoughtlessly it’s almost lost all meaning. Weedpecker have never tried to hide their reverence and affection for the sweet leaf, but unlike so many other bands mired in self-indulgent riff worship, their propensity for mind alteration is immediately and unmistakably evident in their music.

On III, Weedpecker’s third full-length, the first notes of the album already evoke a blissful and airy atmosphere, waves of guitar rolling over the listener until a deep bass, drums and mellotron set the tone for the trip to come. The atmosphere the band creates is offset by an interplay of heavy riffing, etherial vocals and progressive structures; like labelmates Elder, the band are fond of long, unpredictable songs with an increasingly progressive slant.

Further sidestepping entrapments of the stoner rock genre, III sees the band experimenting with light, colorful jams that remind the listener of Tame Impala or Morgan Delt. Moving seamlessly between styles and moods organically, it’s easy to get lost, only to find yourself emerged in a different world entirely.

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Bagatelle, by Degiheugi

Bagatelle by Degiheugi, released 20 October 2017

1. Nos Retrouvailles
2. Opening Credits Feat. Chima Anya
3. Contre Ta Peau
4. Too Shy To Dance Feat. Astrid Van Peeterssen
5. Ecstasy
6. The L.S.A. Theme
7. Bagatelle
8. Sur Le Sable
9. Mojito et Cigare Cubain
10. La Bêtise Du Cœur
11. Stay In Your Lane Feat. Miscellaneous (Chill Bump)
12. Ton Goût D'Inconnu
13. Kingdom Feat. Devi Reed
14. The Sound Of Nature
15. Sous L'Ombre De Ta Jalousie
16. Satellite Hearts

L'attente qui sépare chaque nouveau joyau extrait de la mine d'or personnelle de Degiheugi est un peu celle qui nous tenaille à chaque exil forcé avec l'être aimé : on s'y résout en silence mais on s'abandonne à l'allégresse quand pointent les retrouvailles. Deux ans donc après les cimes gravies sur « Endless smile », un septième sommet discographique s'offre à nous, panorama enchanteur où serpentent seize titres dans les méandres de la relation amoureuse. Une thématique qu'on ne présente plus, mais explorée ici avec une musicalité si saillante et distinctive qu'on ne peut que la qualifier de « degiheugiesque » : les valses du désir deviennent myriades de samples solaires, s'épanouissent dans la rondeur de synthés analogiques hérités de l'âge d'or de l’Edm. Durant l'ascension, vous profiterez ça et là de vues imprenables sur les côtes brésiliennes ou africaines, tandis que les invités du cru vous proposeront des escales en terres ragga (feat. Devi Reed), dans l'intimité d'une splendeur trip-hop (Astrid Van Peetersen) ou sur les traces d'un rap aux apparats princiers (Chill Bump, Chima Anya). Degiheugi a beau louer la légèreté de son art et se défendre de tout esprit de sérieux, cette musique et cet album n'ont de « Bagatelle » que le nom : ils sont avant tout des passions qu'on étreint.

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Out Of Time, by Hugo Kant

Out Of Time by Hugo Kant, released 20 May 2017

1. Entering The Black Hole
2. The Earth Dance
3. Clouds (feat. Astrid Engberg)
4. The Meeting
5. Odissi
6. Emi
7. Black Moon
8. Low Gravity
9. Out Of Time
10. The Eye
11. In Time
12. This Is Just The Beginning

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One Go Around, by Jeffrey Martin

One Go Around by Jeffrey Martin, released 13 October 2017

1. Poor Man
2. Long Gone Now
3. Golden Thread
4. Billy Burroughs
5. Sad Blue Eyes
6. October Dark
7. Time Away
8. Thrift Store Dress
9. Surprise, AZ
10. What We're Marching Toward
11. Hand on a Gun
12. One Go Around

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