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I recreated The Mandalorian Virtual Production on my desk

In this video, I recreated the virtual production technology used on The Mandalorian set. It was a cool project, there are many things that I would love to fix and improve, like using a Vive instead of an Oculus to improve the quality of the tracking, but I really enjoyed it! Let me know what you guys think!

Gear I used �:
Oculus Rift S :
Sony A6300 :
Samsung 43":

Thanks to Elin on sketchfab for the model
Razor crest :

� Huge thanks to Ian Fursa for his toolkit:

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ElaMorph Projection: Deformation of 3D Shape by Dynamic Projection Mapping

We propose a method of illusion named ``ElaMorph projection", in which a rigid object appear to be deformed by dynamic projection mapping. In this example, a plaster of human head appears to have elasticity. The proposed method enables deforming the geometry and rendering in less than 2 ms; this is so fast that human cannot notice the delay of the system. In addition, we refined conventional rendering algorithm which based on the principle of human perception to present effective illusions for 3D solid. Moreover, since environmental lighting is estimated in real time, it is possible to keep the illusion where lighting changes over time, such as party or concert halls. ElaMorph projection expands the range of entertainment of projection mapping.


Kentaro Fukamizu, Leo Miyashita, and Masatoshi Ishikawa: ElaMorph Projection: Deformation of 3D Shape by Dynamic Projection Mapping, Int. Symposium on Augmented and Mixed Reality (ISMAR 2020) (2020.11.9-13)
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Sony | Spatial Reality Display - Where Imagination Becomes Reality

Discover a new visual medium with Sony’s Spatial Reality Display. Our legacies of cutting-edge visual and spatial realities combine in an incredible 3D optical experience where detailed texture, high contrast, and luminous brightness come together to create a portal to another world.


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Virtual reality painting: Chatting with summer's elf

I live just a few steps from the forest. I went there thousand times, to read, to run or just for a walk... I even painted it on canvas. Nothing special: trees, leaves, lights...

Summer is the time of adventures. The time to discover the new places, meet new people.

And yesterday I just met her in the same forest.
The blue flowers growing in her head issued an unusual fragrance. Her cute pointing ears where aware of any sounds.
She stopped singing (in some strange language) and greeted me as a old friend. She has seen me many times already and could tell millions details about me.
And I? I was somewhere else: already in my next step, in the next place, meeting someone else...

But summer is now... Life is now... The elf is right in front of you...
Be magic, do magic, feel magic
Summer is yours!

#VR #art #VirtualReality #Painting

Follow my virtual reality art:
Twitter ►
Instagram ►
Facebook ►

(For licensing and usage, contact:
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Découvrez la 1er vidéo une nouvelle petite série GÉOMÉTRIE VARIABLE avec des concepts fait maison.

Danseur : SADECK

Insta : Sadeckwaff
Facebook : SADECK
Contact :

Music : ginger & the ghost - one type of dark (ta ku remix)
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Introducing Realtime Cinematography | Hellblade | Siggraph 2016| Award Winner

Winner of the Siggraph 2016 Award for Best Real-Time Graphics and Interactivity.

Using their previously shown virtual human technology, a complex scene from Ninja Theory’s upcoming game, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, was shot, captured and edited to final quality in minutes, a process that would normally take weeks or months.

This project was developed by Epic Games, Ninja Theory, Cubic Motion & 3Lateral.

Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice is releasing August 8th. Pre-order now for $29.99/£24.99/€29.99!

Pre-order for PlayStation 4 |

Pre-order on Steam |

Pre-order on |

Game Informer's in-depth coverage of Hellblade |

Visit |

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Buy Merch |
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Open-source telepresence on HoloLens

This video is a demonstration of an open-source Unity application that allows for streaming and displaying 3D point clouds on HoloLens.
The source code of the application can be downloaded here:

For more info about me and my projects check out my website:
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Bird MUV Interacive

MUV’s flagship product, Bird is a Bluetooth device that turns any space into an interactive playground. Attached to your index finger, the bird communicates directly with any source of media (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) and allows you to control visual content using the entire spectrum of interactive methods.

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Block9 interview: IICON stage at Glastonbury 2019 | Architecture | Dezeen

Block9 co-founders Gideon Berger and Steven Gallagher explain how they built the monolithic IICON stage at Glastonbury in this exclusive video shot by Dezeen at the famous music festival. IICON is a vast sculptural stage and outdoor dance arena by London creative partnership Block9, which debuted at Glastonbury festival in Somerset, UK, last weekend. The focal point of the structure is an enormous diagonally-tilted head with a cubical volume inset where its facial features should appear.

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Fusing elements of Kafka and Kubrick, Caterpillarplasty is a prescient, grotesque sci-fi satire that lifts plastic surgery to another level.

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Jim Carrey GLOWS

Jim Carrey meets Alison Brie. This deep fake was created using DeepFaceLab. If you have ideas for other videos or face swaps please leave a comment belo
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Introducing StageFlow The audio is terrible and my laptop is huffing and puffing with the big resolutions and recording the screen at the sam
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Lightact Media Server for Unreal Engine

Lightact Media Server for Unreal Engine | Multimedium |

Lightact media server works with Unreal Engine 4. With Lightact you get a whole plethora of media server functionalities that complement perfectly Unreal's real-time rendering capabilities. Projection mapping, all kinds of inputs, multiple video or LED screens - the possibilities are endless.

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Antilatency | Best tracking system for indie Virtual Production?

In my search for building a complete toolset for virtual production, I have finally found a camera tracking system that works for me. In this video, I will talk about my experience with the Antilatency Tracking System as well as touching on other parts of my virtual production studio( like the Glassmark Encoders and general setup I have right now.

Antilatency did not pay me to do this video but if you're interested feel free to check them out at

Check out Glassmark Encoders here

Aximmetry is also a software I highly recommend and check them out at

Thanks to the awesome for the great LED-fixtures.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments. This is hard stuff and I love to help when I have time.
Thanks to Johan Folke, The Grandmaster, for being a wizard.

Set by Epic Games

Follow me on Instagram where I post more regular updates:
Check out my Virtual Production studio at
For questions and other talk join me at
Join our Discord:
Check out Matt Workmans Unreal Virtual Production Group:
Great FB group for Aximmetry:
Link to Aximmetry:
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High-Speed Focal Tracking Projection Based on Liquid Lens

A high-speed projection system with a dynamic focal tracking technology based on a variable focus lens was illustrated. The traditional projection was limited on 2D space, due to their narrow depth-of-field projection range. Our system included a high-speed projector, a high-speed variable focus lens, and high-speed visual feedback, so that the depth and rotation information would be detected and then served as feedback to correct the focal length and update the projection information in high-speed. As a result, the information would be well-focused projected even on a 3D dynamic moving object.

Furthermore, it is expected that any physical surface in the real world are possible to be repaint with projection, the appearance is freely manipulated, and interactive information is dynamically presented. Our system provides the essential technology for expanding such dynamic projection mapping applications.

Lihui Wang, Hongjin Xu, Satoshi Tabata, Yunpu Hu, Yoshihiro Watanabe, and Masatoshi Ishikawa: High-Speed Focal Tracking Projection Based on Liquid Lens, ACM SIGGRAPH 2020 Emerging Technologies (SIGGRAPH '20) (Virtual Event, USA, 2020.8.24-28)
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LED Wall Virtual Production - Bye Bye Green Screen

A new breed of Unreal Engine-powered live action film and series are about to rise: here is Hive Division's take on led wall virtual production, a technology that's bound to change the industry, including indie-sized producers and VFX studios such as us!

Thanks to our tech partner 3P Technologies ( for the support!

Powered by @Unreal Engine @Epic Games

Director: Giacomo Talamini
Director of Photography: Mattia Gri
Virtual Production Supervisor: Erik Caretta
Virtual Production artist: Simone Menegatti
Set designer: Corrado Battorti e Mattia Menegotto
Production Coordinator: Claudia Davalli
Costume designer: Nadia Baiardi
Make-up artist : Dilys White
Assistant Camera Operator: Adrian Danci
Backstage : Matteo Battellino
Led wall operator: Sergio Borgo e Andrea Engaldini
Sound designer: Glenn Goa
Subtitles: Valentina Paggiarin

Actress: Carla Camporese
Voice Actress: Lani Minella

Service: Cinema Rental
Ringraziamenti: Danilo Vivan (Controcampo), Paolo Cellammare

Follow us on:
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PASSAGE - Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of PASSAGE movie.

PASSAGE is an artistic short movie involving elements of dance and new technologies. The first of its kind, it has been shot with a special mixed reality technique developed specifically by THEORIZ studio. In this movie, we follow the journey of two individuals uploading their minds in surreal worlds and getting lost in the layers.

Watch the movie :

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Beat Doctor Teaser

Short example of using the Beat Doctor application.
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MeetMike at SIGGRAPH 2017 at the VR Village for real times Interactive CG Mike in VR.

Mike 'virtually' Interviewed Industry professionals over 4 days ( 9 hours of VR Digital interviews). This is a look behind the scenes.

Thanks to the enormous effort of Epic Games, Wikihuman, 3Lateral, Cubic Motion, Tencent, Loom AI.
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AfterCodecs HAP vs. Jokyo HAP encoder for After Effects : WHICH IS THE BEST ?

Here is my first test of the Jokyo HAP Ae encoder (vs AfterCodecs HAP)
Configuration for the benchmark
Intel(C) Core(TM) i7-5930K CPU @ 3.50GHz
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 (442.19 drivers)
Windows 10 Pro (1909)
Adobe After Effects 2020 (17.0.4)
AfterCodecs 1.9.0
Jokyo HAP Encoder 1.0.0
Links :
AfterCodecs :
Twitter : @autokroma

Jokyo HAP Ae encoder :
Twitter : @jokyohapencoder
Copyright : Noar Prodz - 2020
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HIPA 2015 Award Ceremony | Black & White

March 16th 2015 - Lionel Hun Dance artist / Choreographer has been ask to choreographed the acts of the Hamdan International Photography Award (HIPA) in collaboration with Auditoire Dubai and Pixel n' Pepper. The performance is the second act of the ceremony introducing the category "Faces (black & White)".

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Le Mag du LeCollagiste à 15 ans, LeCollagiste's Mag in 15 years

Le Mag du LeCollagiste à 15 ans, LeCollagiste's Mag in 15 years | Multimedium |

Le Mag du LeCollagiste a été créé en 2004 et fête ses 15 ans cette année (5478 jours), une date de plus à mes nombreux autres anniversaires (LeCollagiste plasticien est né en 1986, LeCollagiste Vj en 1999, 20 ans de scène, etc …)

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Wearable Face Projector

Using this face projector enables you to change your face within seconds. A small beamer maps an image of a different face over your own and gives you a new appearance. See more information

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TheParallaxView ∙ Illusion of depth by 3D head tracking on iPhone X

TheParallaxView ∙ Illusion of depth by 3D head tracking on iPhone X Get the free app from the AppStore
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An exclusive look at Eric Prydz’s 5-ton LED Holosphere

Swedish DJ and producer Eric Prydz and his team make wild, incredible, expensive limited-run events. His latest is his most ambitious — and potentially, hi
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