Mother Nature One Step Ahead | Mother Nature One Step Ahead |

A remarkable discovery has been made by those clever students at Yale University, almost as clever as Mother Nature who seems to be one step ahead in solving our landfill problem. The potential solution comes in the form of a fungus, discovered in the amazon, which eats polymers in plastic which would otherwise persist for generations. In my mind I like to think of the students trekking through the rainforest with their clipboards, one of them accidently drops a biro pen on the ground… and hey presto… but since life isn’t like star trek I realize this probably wasn’t the case. Seriously though, the cultivation of this fungus could have a profound impact considering we throw away over 300 million tons of plastic each year. What’s more the fungi can work in an airless environment which means it could be do its thing in the depths of landfill sites, or even smaller waste stations, who knows what they’ll do with it?

Whilst we’re on the subject of nature, you should check out Heather Witney, who studies the language of plants. It's mindblowing what plants can do- like animals’ plants attract mates and prey; one plant even mimics dead meat to attract flies! Now how did they work that out!? The work of God perhaps?