New Zealand: What to experience in Wellington except the rain
Australia & New Zealand, New Zealand, Stories, Story of the Week | It's not the weather that makes Wellington a good place to visit. But we've found three other reasons. | 18/07/2013 |
France: Running from the mousse in Nice
Europe, Guest writer | Your would expect summer to be the prime time to visit Nice, France. Think again. | 19/07/2013 | | Titanic II set to arrive in New York 2016 | Cruising & Shipping, PageOne | TITANIC II. 104 years later, the new Titanic plans to finally arrive in New York. | Burma luxury travels set to attract new visitors

Burma seek to attract visitors with luxury.

NAMIBIA TRAVELS: Driving into the African wilderness
SAFARI GUIDE: How to fix your own safari trip around Namibia's great parks | Experience the fantastic Victoria Falls | Africa, PageOne | Visit one of nature's true wonders – the stunning Victoria Falls in the depths of Africa.
Space shuttle Atlantis on display at Kennedy Space Center summer 2013

Did you think Nasa's scrapping of the space shuttles killed Florida's space tourism? Think again.

The Swedish archipelago: Guide to Sweden's secret world of islands
GUIDE: Unique travel experiences in the Swedish archipelago – just an hour from Stockholm City
CAIRNS AUSTRALIA: Diving with your life at stake
CAIRNS AUSTRALIA TRAVEL GUIDE – It's not much of a city – but the ocean has the more to offer.
Ship breaking in Chittagong: They scrap old ships – by hand | Ship breaking in Chittagong, world's largest ship breaking beach