MMCP: Critical Digital Pedagogy; or, the Magic of Gears - Hybrid Pedagogy
MOOC MOOC: Critical Pedagogy (MMCP) is a six-week exploration of critical pedagogy. During our final week, we’ll be discussing Seymour Papert’s Mindstorms, and Paulo Blikstein’s “Travels in Troy with Freire:...
MMCP: Learning Our Way away from Institutions
MOOC MOOC: Critical Pedagogy (MMCP) is a six-week exploration of critical pedagogy. For this fifth week, we’ll be discussing Henry Giroux’s Rethinking Education as the Practice of Freedom, Ivan Illich’s Why...
Coloring Outside the Lines
Been reading a novel where they kept using the expression "coloring outside the lines" during the same time we're talking about learning outside institutions in #moocmooc I also yday co-facilitated...
Week four of #MOOCMOOC - A librarian reads anarchist pedagogies
Listen. Week four of #moocmooc is a real doozy! Let me confess that I had to look up Hakim Bey, Max Stirner, Francisco Ferrer, Paul Goodman, and the Free Space/Free Skool. ...
Colouring outside the lines – reflections inspired by Maha Bali’s post
Love this by “@taniatorikova: You got me going @Bali_Maha @NomadWarMachine @alexfink @chris_friend #moocmooc”
MMCP: Countersites in Learning - Digital Roundtable - YouTube
A discussion with the Jeff Shantz, author of this week's #moocmooc reading: “Spaces of Learning: The Anarchist Free Skool” (chapter 7) in the text Anarchist ...
Take5_Post6: Are you frustrated with education only for employment?
In our last post we suggested that you had a look at Hybrid Pedagogy's #moocmooc on Critical Pedagogy. This week they are discussing the limitations of an education system totally geared to employm...
touches of sense...: Divine intervention?
@Bali_Maha @NomadWarMachine Divine Intervention? #moocmooc #rhizo14
Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau -
What a great privilege it is to re-read #CivilDisobedience after all these years! #nobettertime #moocmooc #bestessay
All Things Pedagogical: Twitter as Fractal, Ethical, Pedagogical Institution
Twitter as Fractal, Ethical, Pedagogical Institution. More #moocmooc fun by me