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Miss InsanA 


When we listened to her Techno sets, we fell in love with the power and quality of her sets!

The exaltation of Miss Insan'a for Electronic Music, is marked by the German influences from which she was still cradled her origins. After a few years of discovery and curiosity for music electronics, Miss Insan'a embarking on a new project, to mix sounds together, wanting to create music from a basic arrangement reworked with a rhythm more assertive.
Her passion for the mix peaked when she acquired her first turntables and a professional mixer. In 2009 she joined the Akkros Association where she played in various Nightclubs (The Crash, the Zorn, Ozone, Spirit, Planet etc ...) with sets of Trance, Hardtrance and Hardstyle!

After she cames to play in different Rave Partys in all the East of France where she shows to the french people Techno, HardTechno & Schranz, a style that isn't very known in France. She played with the CRS 6TM, la Faya Family, les Dissipés, les SLK, les Amnézik D-KALKE, les Terroristes Sonore etc...) a Techno Style that is inspired by her Germanic influence.

From the year 2012 she played in huge Techno parties in Luxembourg (Double Deuce, 12 Factory etc ...) where she expresses her passionate side growing, diverse and Eclectic Electronic Music!

Atypical and true protagonist, the young Djette is MISS INSAN'A, name inspired by his vision of the boundless universe and its specific way of thinking.