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Rescooped by Kazuki Minamiya from Pakistan Weekly News

PPP goes only for hi-tech campaigns, ignores mass contact’

The Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP), which ruled Pakistan for four times since its inception, is now principally relying on hi-tech modes of election campaign rather than organizing huge public meetings because it did not want any of its top stalwarts to fall prey to terrorists like Benazir Bhutto.
Sponsoring TV and newspaper ads and sporadic addresses of Bilawal to people of various areas through video links are the main tools of the PPP’s modern day canvassing for the May 11 general elections that it is fighting after completing a full five-year term in government. With President Asif Ali Zardari being barred by courts from campaigning in favour or against a specific political party, Bilawal was expected to be in-charge of the show, but he too has been consciously kept away, obviously due to grave security threats. He is not being seen in public when his appearance is direly needed.

Via @PakistanWeekly