Milestone 3: weeks 6 - 8
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Rescooped by Ravneel Chandra from QR Codes, Beacons & NFCs!

How NFC Could Revitalize Direct Marketing - AlleyWatch

How NFC Could Revitalize Direct Marketing - AlleyWatch | Milestone 3: weeks 6 - 8 |
Although NFC technology has been around since the 1980s and marketers are increasingly using it today, the technology was slower to catch on in marketing than QR code technology. QR codes, which are 2-dimensional ...

Via Paulo Gervasio
Ravneel Chandra's insight:

This artcile is very interesting and insightful into innovative technology to create closer relationships with customers through direct marketing. NFC chips really seems like the technology of today rather than tomorrow, companies need to realise the huge competitive advantage they could gain with this technology. Companies such as samsung, visa, mastercards have been early adopters with this technology but they havent fully pushed this technology fully to their advantage. 

This shows how direct marketing is very important in the modern day to companies. New technologies keep arising such as the QR code to have stronger direct marketing with conumers. Keeping up to date with these tech will be the difference in development in consumer interation and relationships and inturn survival and advancements of corporations. 

Nick Moxon's curator insight, May 9, 2013 9:55 PM

The main idea that I took out of this article is to "bridge the physical and digital gap" which is where the majority of current marketing initiatives are arising from. NFC is a new emerging technology and a great opportunity’s to appeal directly to their customers in a fast cost effective manner.

Paulo Gervasio's comment, May 9, 2013 10:18 PM
NFC currently has a big issue and that is its not yet universal, People with iPhones (a big chunk of the market) do not have it (NFC). Also you spend extra (a few cents) per letter vs. $ 0.00 for QR Codes which are printed in the collateral together with your message. Eventually Apple will turn around and support NFC but even then, I believe QR Code or NFC does not matter in mailed collaterals, the most important thing is a compelling message that will spur your prospect to Tap or scan, the few extra steps will not matter. It was true that with QR Codes and now NFC people scan or tap just to see if it works and it may have lead to a few items sold but the novelty will wear out sooner or later.
Alexis-ellen Day's curator insight, May 13, 2013 12:55 AM

This articles really does describe the different ways of communicating to consumers directly. with modern technology developing as fast as it does it is really hard to keep up. This is where many businesses may fall behind. what reammy makes NFC so effective is it really does call to action and act on it with the consumer. this is what direct maketing is really about.


Rescooped by Ravneel Chandra from IMC: The power of ideas : integration across all media. Direct marketing : the ultimate in consumer engagement?!

Direct Marketing More Relevant Than Ever

Direct Marketing More Relevant Than Ever | Milestone 3: weeks 6 - 8 |
Burgeoning digital channels and new avenues of customer insight give marketers new opportunities to build affinity and sales through direct marketing.

Ravneel Chandra's insight:

Direct Marketing has become a major factor for business success recently. With a change in the mentality of consumers; Interaction, closer relations and convenience is what consumers are wanting from businesses. This article is very good in explaining in terms of a consumers point of view why direct marketing such as social media, email, apps, notofications are important and gives an excellent example how direct marketing is very profitable for companies.


I really believe that direcct marketing is the most cost efficient way when compare to success, much better than newspaper and tv. It should be  a pre-requisite for companies to create apps, notification, communities, drop in sites, consumer engagement opportunuties and be really involved in an open relationship (social media) with its consumers. 


What are your thoughts on this topic and article?

Norman Vaz's curator insight, September 26, 2013 7:49 PM

This article was very interesting as it talked about the increased importance of direct marketing and how it engages the consumer.The article states 'direct marketing tools can enable marketers to develope and ehance emotional bonds with individual consumers, and customer groups to grow the value of their customer base in real time'. In my opinion this statement could not be further from the truth as building a relationship with a brand and its consumer is key to growing their custpmer base and with that would come increased coustomer loyalty and soo forth.

Anna Kong's comment, September 26, 2013 9:33 PM
goood article jianwang
Ahmed Salman's comment, September 26, 2013 9:39 PM
I agree with your insight shay. i like how this article is relevent to imc concepts
Rescooped by Ravneel Chandra from Intergrated Marketing Communications 2013!

Nike, Snickers and Fosters have created powerful integrated campaigns – so what's their secret?

Nike, Snickers and Fosters have created powerful integrated campaigns – so what's their secret? | Milestone 3: weeks 6 - 8 |
For an increasing number of campaigns, integration across a large number of media is essential. Tim Bourne, chief executive of Exposure, explains how it should be done

Via Johnny Price
Ravneel Chandra's insight:

This is an excellent article, giving three perfect example; Nike, Snickers & Fosters, how to successfully implement an effective and powerful intergrated marketing (advertising) campaign.

One theme is evident in all 3 examples and it is consistency! consistency in the messages encoded throughout all the media channels utilised in the campaign. It is important to be consistent to reduce confusion and increase understanding with cinsumers but compaines need to find different ways in implementing these messages. By doing this consumers will find it harder to lose interest, always stay attatched to see what the next add will be whilst always having the same message and feelings towards those brands. Loyalty leading to retention and creating interest in new prospects (hot prospects). 

Manasi Ambavane's comment, September 24, 2013 2:16 AM
Harshika, yes these three brands Nike, Snickers and Fosters are really outstanding when their campaigns are out. The best way to get audiences eyes towards your brand is to be innovative and creative in your ads so that their attention is easily grabbed. The important thing I also would agree with you is that sending same or one message through out all the ads to create great impact on the consumers. This kind of campaigning is really effective and also gets audiences attention towards the ad with this brand gets popular. Repeating the same message helps the brand message be inside the consumers mind for long time.
Daryl Peterson's comment, September 26, 2013 2:24 AM
Yes Harshika nike, snickers and fosters all have powerful campaigns due to this use of popular and commonly use media channels which help get their brand image across to relevant target markets. Using social and digital media effectively these brands have managed to create a strong brand image which always grabs consumers attention showing just how effective the campaigns are. But the main thing I see in the article is that they all use one message approach to promote their products. This helps consumers understand the brand alot easier and makes its alot easier to recall,
Nikhil Bhola's comment, September 24, 2014 8:35 PM
This article provides a succesfull example of integrated marketing campaigns based on big ideas. These campaigns stick to the companies main ideologies and ethos with examples provided by Nike and Snickers. this made me think about how we have been using social media channels, to communicate through twitter and just amazingly what we learnt in IMC can be implemented to the real world. IMC is also about about taking a unique aspect of the brand and tying it to a consumer insight that is powerful and engaging