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Instagram registers consumer engagement 18 times that of Facebook: L2 Think Tank - Mobile Marketer - Research

Instagram registers consumer engagement 18 times that of Facebook: L2 Think Tank - Mobile Marketer - Research | Norman's IMC articles (milestone 3) |

Instagram is becoming a core platform for brands to engage with consumers since it registers consumer engagement 18 times that of Facebook and 48 times that of Twitter, according to the latest report from L2 Think Tank.


The "Intelligence Report: Social Platforms" found that the visual component of Instagram has helped the platform grow to 100 million users with the average luxury brand having 100,000 followers. Other visual platforms such as Vine, Pinterest and YouTube have grown significantly and continue to be platforms for brands to deeply engage with consumers.


"For all the mindshare that it occupies, social media ultimately drives very little ecommerce, less than 0.25 percent, and site traffic, less than 3 percent, for prestige brands," said Danielle Bailey, research lead L2 Think Tank, New York....

Via Jeff Domansky
Norman Vaz's insight:

This article is very insightful as it shows how brands are using Instagram without even opening an account. Consumer engagement is high visually when looking at products and so forth and Instagram is helping these brands promote themselves without even lifting a finger as consumers are actively promoting these brand through hash-tags and so forth on this platform. Hence marketers should be vary that they should use all the visual social media platforms as much as they can because as far as consumer engagement goes consumers are getting more engaged visually with brands on these social platforms.

Anna Kong's comment, September 26, 2013 9:31 PM
i agree with you jian wang. this article is very informative, it shows that by engaging with consumers it does help the company with its branding and it also applies for free markets.
oliviachristy's curator insight, October 2, 2014 6:00 PM

Consumers need to be engaged or they will switch off. The implication for marketers being that their messages won't be transmitted. 

Facebook is more content heavy than Instagram, with more opportunities for users to engage; group formation, events, sharing for example. Perhaps that has become their downfall in managing to keep their users engaged.

The more messages we see daily, the more we filter out. Instagram is free from complexity and a bombardment of messages and content. It might be its simple, image based, to the point structure that holds an increasingly impatient publics' attention.

luke sumich's curator insight, October 2, 2014 10:38 PM

Want consumer engagement for a luxury brand? Use Instagram

Rescooped by Norman Vaz from Public Relations & Social Marketing Insight!

Direct Marketing Doesn’t Have to Suck

Direct Marketing Doesn’t Have to Suck | Norman's IMC articles (milestone 3) |
When you think in terms of what your customer wants, rather than what you need to sell, you create new channels of awareness by tapping into my network.


...I opened both envelopes without realizing what was inside and had to chuckle at how I was taken in. They fooled me good. And then I thought about what that says about the state of direct marketing today. Have we sunk so low that we need to trick people into reading our messages? Is it any surprise that forecasters expect direct-mail marketing to decline nearly 40% over the next two years?...

Via Jeff Domansky
Norman Vaz's insight:

This article to me is very insightfull as it shows how some companies decide to trick us into reading their mail. This article states that we should go back to the old direct marketing methods where you didnt have to lie to a coustomers into reading something you just had to find what they were interested in and then cater to that as you create new chanelles or word of mouth awreness which will be more effective than just dumping a consumer with mail that half of the time they wont even open.

Elizabeth Anne Dale's curator insight, September 24, 2013 5:02 AM

An easily relateable and easy to read article! Direct marketing does in truth, annoy a lot of people, there is too much of it, that is worthless to a lot of people that recieve it, and it then needs to be disposed of. Whether that's by recycling all the catalogues you recieve in the mail, or clicking the delete on all of those email updates you get because you signed up at some point to go in the draw to win something. This article highlights two clear points on how to make direct marketing "suck" less. Dump the junk, and think like the customer. While they are two rather obvious points, it's easy to lose sight of them, and this article is a nice reminder of them, portrayed in a comical light.

Ksenia's comment, September 25, 2013 4:58 AM
Great find of article Elizabeth:) I can only agree wit you! As being a consumer myself, i got very irritated with so called 'spam' mail. There is so much these days that i had no choice but to start a new email account as the old one was receiving far too much direct mail! In the article it states that marketers need to think like consumers and that they should be offering something that consumers can make use of! for example the websites the writer had suggested, he uses them, they benefit him with intelligent information to his social network & then he 'may' just buy from the business. Good read!
Levi Norton's comment, September 25, 2013 9:08 AM
In response to Elizabeths insight, I totally agree that direct mail doesnt suck and that its an uneffective marketing tool to engage targeted consumers.Business are still able to engage targeted consumer succesfully through this method as long as you dont trick people also as you stated that businesses need to think like the consumer this an interesting point where will keep that in mind . Great Read thanks
Scooped by Norman Vaz!

The Role of Direct Mail in the Modern Marketing Mix

The Role of Direct Mail in the Modern Marketing Mix | Norman's IMC articles (milestone 3) |
Norman Vaz's insight:

This is a very interesting article and i really liked reading it as it gives you an insight of what marketers think of this day and age direct marketing skills as being dinosaurs and not many people use direct market now a days. However this article states that you have to understand what target market you are communicating too so you can get the most out of it. It talks about how direct marketing engages the consumer on an emotional level something digital channels can't do.

Emily Gavigan's comment, September 26, 2013 11:09 PM
Great article Danielle, like you say bombarding people with flyers in their letter boxes won't create a response from consumers but setting in place a strategic marketing strategy to work out how they can effectively target their customers, will have much more of a positive response. A marketing strategy is essential in using direct marketing as a communication tool because without it the effectiveness of the campaign is lost.
Maggie Zhang's curator insight, September 27, 2013 12:08 AM

As today, more and more companies start to realize the importance of the direct marketing. Direct mail, as one of the most important tools for direct marketing, still plays a big role communicating with the customers. The research showed that 83 percent of direct mail is opened in comparison to average email open rates of 11 percent in UK and 44 percent of consumers have visited store, purchased or enquired the product after received the direct mails from the company. The research tells us even nowadays more and more companies chose using direct email instead of direct mail, sending mail is still an important tool to reach certain consumers. 

Rachel Chen's curator insight, October 3, 2014 12:00 AM

Direct mail marketing is seen as a dieing source. Within todays modern technological society, social media, email, internet etc. is seen to be such a better and more advance way to market a company or product that it has left many wondering if there is a future for mail marketing. Response is carefully measured in an attempt to take the waste out of marketing and should be part of your long-term strategy. Activity through virtually any media can be classed as direct marketing.

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Direct Marketing More Relevant Than Ever

Direct Marketing More Relevant Than Ever | Norman's IMC articles (milestone 3) |
Burgeoning digital channels and new avenues of customer insight give marketers new opportunities to build affinity and sales through direct marketing.

Via David Yang
Norman Vaz's insight:

This article pretty much states the importance of business and how they should get familiar with their social media platforms as more and more consumers are looking for a more convenient alternative as like the article has mentioned it can also develop a more stronger bonds with the consumers in return to grow their consumer based value. Also mentions how direct marketing if used efficiently can be a very effective marketing mix tool to provide the best results for a company.

Kasem Tanom's comment, May 9, 2013 6:33 PM
I agree this article does talk about how relevant and effective direct marketing is. Marketers of today are taking advantage of the increase in social media use by consumers and are reaching more and more customers directly on a personal level through blogs, tweets etc and more brands are becoming personalized through customer lead co-creation. If direct marketing tools are used correctly then it can enable marketers to develop and enhance emotional bonds with individual customers and customer groups.
Avinash Kumar's comment, May 9, 2013 7:13 PM
I agree with all you guys regarding this article, it does discuss the relevance and effectivness of direct marketing that is being used by present day marketers and how they attempt to reach their customers and at what levels.
Mez Raukawa Newton's comment, May 9, 2013 11:54 PM
Because of social media networks such as twitter, direct marketing can now help companies reach more customers on a personal level. Consumers can be delivered up to date and relevant promotions that can encourage customers to buy their products. what marketers are realizing is that in order to develop brand loyalty is to make their consumers feel personal and by doing so, it creates that emotional bond/attachment which is now becoming so relevant to both marketers and consumers.Overall, this article states the importance and effectiveness that social media has when it comes to direct marketing.