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Rescooped by Emma Nightingale from DIRECT MARKETING + CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT!

Yahoo, Samsung promote consumer engagement with interactivity platform

Yahoo, Samsung promote consumer engagement with interactivity platform | Milestone 2 |
Yahoo and Samsung broaden their partnership to provide interactive, realtime television content.

Via Duchon Filipo
Kristy Leong's curator insight, September 26, 2013 5:33 AM

I think that it was a good idea that Samsung and Yahoo! Partnered up together. Direct marketing is real important for businesses to expand and I think that this combination between the two companies combined has put themselves on a whole new level. This has allowed consumers to react to advertisements in real time through the combination of Yahoo's Broadcast Interactivity platform and Samsung's 2012 Smart TVs. I think the new Samsung televisions are definitely an evolution in the television technology, however I think the new way in which marketers and advertisers are a bit to aggressive. Of course the interactive level of the new platform will be useful to users but some may think it’s a bit too much. I think direct marketing is important as it does directly connect with people about products and can easily receive feedback both positive and negative. I think that the information that has been collected will be useful to marketers and most likely be very popular with consumers but I reckon some consumers won’t like the idea behind this.

Janessa Bartsch's comment, September 26, 2013 5:49 AM
Great article, it's very topical and covers some of the major points of IMC which is consumer engagement and direct marketing. I agree that their form of advertising may be a bit aggressive but I think that's the type of marketing that is happening in the technology world, with some many competitors and few differences these businesses must be aggressive to get consumers to switch such expensive products or keep up with the latest technology trends.
Ashleigh Brockett's comment, September 26, 2013 7:30 AM
I agree with Kristy that both Samsung and Yahoo partnered up together as they are too very powerful brands. I also agree that direct marketing is very important as it connects the consumers with the brand and creates a personal platform between the two.
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5 Reasons Marketers Fail at Competitive Intelligence

5 Reasons Marketers Fail at Competitive Intelligence | Milestone 2 |

A recent IBM study suggests that although 80 percent of CMOs conduct market research and competitive benchmarking to make strategic decisions,too many rely on traditional (manual) practices that only offer little insights.

Instead of knowing what consumers want and how to market those products with great content and creative ads, CMOs need to do a better job at managing risk and showing their competitors who is boss. But to do so, marketing teams need structured goals, CI initiatives, and tools to produce action-driven competitive intelligence that supports marketing strategies and investment decisions.

Emma Nightingale's insight:

I enjoyed reading this article, rather than focussing on the marketing strategies of a brand, it focusses more on the research brands need to do to stay ahead of competitors. its not simply about knowing what your consumers want and how to market a product, its about gaining an advantage over competitors and maintaining that advantage. If competitors have an advantage over you, this can have devistating effects on the brand.

Another point in which i found interesting is that of, most marketers aim to keep their customers happy and often dont focus on entering new market share. As investing in new market share can be risky, marketers tend to focus on existing customers. Failing to notice competitors can also affect market growth.

Overall i thought this article was interesting, it pointed out some key ideas in which marketers should be constantly aware of in order to remain in a prominant position in the market.

kendall irvine's comment, September 25, 2013 5:53 AM
I agree with Emmas highlight from the article about the importance of brands and companies needing to complete market research. It is an important aspect of any business and should be something frequent that is happened in order to remain at the top. It is important that marketers take time to analyse information they come across from researchers and decide the best way how they can make their product or brand that they are associated with better.
Kamal Sunker's comment, September 25, 2013 9:15 PM
Good post Emma, it is important that before we even start planning a strategy, we must first be able to identify who our competitors are so we can gain an advantage over them. The more information we have, the more effective our campaigns will be and the easier it will be for us to 'blow our competitors out of the water'. This article also outlines the fact that marketing teams need to have structured goals. Not just for the sake of gaining knowledge of the competition and the target audience but also for investors. This was a good read.
Rescooped by Emma Nightingale from The MarTech Digest!

Five Key Features For Agile Marketing Operations - Teradata Applications | #TheMarketingAutomationAlert

Five Key Features For Agile Marketing Operations - Teradata Applications | #TheMarketingAutomationAlert | Milestone 2 |



But what do agile marketing operations really look like? Agile marketing operations are:

Transparent. Today, marketers must be fully accountable for their marketing spend. You have to drive measurable results back to the business, direct marketing dollars into the highest performing channels and prove what you’re doing with real-time visibility into the results of all marketing programs, including assets, activities, audience members, accounts and analytics.


Interactive. Agile marketing operations are streamlined to reduce processing time and eliminate review-and-approval bottlenecks that cost both time and money. They’re also cooperative and collaborative so projects keep moving consistently forward. Standardized processes are key, but remember: Too much management structure precludes good ideas from crossing across siloes. 


Iterative. Your biggest focus in becoming agile will always be your customers and their evolving expectations. Sure, you always have to deliver a great experience. But, how you best do that is always changing. If you’re always looking for ways to improve what you give and what the customer gets, you stand a better chance of building loyalty . . . but again, it takes agility to be adaptable.


Responsive. You must respond to customers in real-time. Customers expect replies and reactions from brands at the same pace they’re offering them . . . and it takes the agility offered by integrated multi-channel campaign management to make that happen.  Do your marketing operations support the ability to deliver an informed, relevant and timely response?


Real-time. If a campaign or tactic is falling flat, how quickly can you switch it up –or abandon it altogether? If you sense a change or trend in your market or on your competitive landscape, how long will it take you to shift your strategy to suit this “new” environment? Are you using marketing analytics and data managementto guide you toward optimal actions?If you can’t right the ship before the iceberg hits, you need a better (not bigger!) boat. An agile one, to be precise.
Via CYDigital
Emma Nightingale's insight:

This article compares two leading websites, one well known- google and the other yahoo. Highlighting, that all though google earns more on its website, yahoo showed to have a higher surge in traffic through its sights on a recent study done in the US. This article mainly foucsses on 'agile marketing operations' and hightlights 5 hey features, which are shown. Transparent,Interactive,Iterative, Resposive and Real-time. Iterative i found interesting as it is something i have never heard of before. its focuses on becoming agile with your customers and their ever changing expectations.

kendall irvine's comment, September 25, 2013 6:22 AM
I found it very interesting to read within this article chosen by Emma, that Yahoo! had more traffic on its site than Google. I personally prefer Google to Yahoo! and use it everyday so was very surprised to read of the research completed between both search engines. Agile Marketing is something that I have never come across before. The article explains that there are five key components which are Transparent,Interactive,Iterative, Resposive and Real-time to Agile marketing with the basic of it to do more in less amount of time.
Kamal Sunker's comment, September 25, 2013 9:05 PM
I found this article to be informative, however, the style that it is written seems like it is out of an out dated text book, however there are some good points, like the whole concept of agile marketing, this is something that I have never heard of before. Furthermore, I was under the impression that google had more hits than yahoo, with google being the more dominant market force. That is rather interesting. I agree with the points that this article covers, transparency is the key, and being able to show whether or not the campaign is working is not just effective in identifying weak points in the campaign but also honest.
Rescooped by Emma Nightingale from Public Relations & Social Marketing Insight!

Twitter Tools: 9 Irresistible Tools to help dominate twitter

Twitter Tools: 9 Irresistible Tools to help dominate twitter | Milestone 2 |
Here are 9 fantastic twitter tools that you have to use if you want to be successful on twitter. Check them out on our Social Media tools blog.


The right Twitter tools will make you way more effective and efficient.  And without the right Twitter tools you will waste a lot of time.


Don’t you just hate Twitter?  Don’t you just love Twitter? Which camp are you in!


When I was working in the software industry many years ago I remember the developers using Twitter.  I didn’t see the point to it and thought it was a complete waste of time.  When I started using Twitter I didn’t see the point to it and thought it was a complete waste of time!!!!

But as I built up my network on Twitter I began to really enjoy it.  Now I enjoy it and it’s hugely valuable for my business.


But there are some twitter tools that have helped me along the way and as I’m the tools guy it would be rude not to share them!

Via Jeff Domansky
Emma Nightingale's insight:

This article is focussed on twitter as a marketing tool for businesses. it highlights key ways in which businesses can use twitter to its maximum potential and gain great marketing information.


The one thing that really interested me and was something i had no idea about is 'twitonomy'. this is a free tool in which allows people to see the 'analytics' of your twitter account. Things such as details of followers and following, tweets most favoured, tweets most retweeted. It allows for a business to check out competitors activity and gain information about people following them. In a way, this is a very useful tool for businesses to understand competitors and how they are reaching out to consumers. 

kendall irvine's comment, September 25, 2013 2:16 AM
Emma's insight into this article has informed me also of 'twitonomy' which is a new unfamiliar term. It is a great tool for many brands to see reactions from consumers on twitter posts that they may put up on their page and who and how many retweets there has been. Twitter is a well known social communication tool used today by thousands of people. It is easy to use and companies should take advantage of it.
Kamal Sunker's comment, September 25, 2013 9:19 PM
I personally have never seen the point of twitter...until reading this article. This article shows that Twitter can be a great marketing tool for businesses and in agreement with Emma, it highlights good ways in which businesses may use twitter to engage its audiences. When we turn on the TV and we see a show about celebrities, there is almost always a reference to the celebrities' twitter comment over the given subject matter.

The word twitonomy is obviously a neologism, but very a very relevant term, this is also part of twitter's IMC. By inventing new words for the actions and services that it provides, such as 'tweeting'. Apart from the wording though, twitonomy is a good tool to have for business to get a grasp and analyze the reach of the tweets.
After reading this article I am going to start using twitter.
Scooped by Emma Nightingale!

What's the best marketing communications mix for my brand ...

What's the best marketing communications mix for my brand ... | Milestone 2 |
Choosing the right marketing communications mix for optimal impact is more important than ever. With less and less time – and budgets that need to stretch to do more – marketers are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with constantly ...
Emma Nightingale's insight:

This article focusses mainly on key marketing communications for a brand. Its interesting and highlights main points in which are important in deciding which chanels and communications to use when trying to market a brand. one point that i personally found interesting and very true is to use the type of media in which your audience uses. for example, if you wanted to target teenagers, a sight such as facebook would be perfect for communicating the brands message and getting the correct market reach.

kendall irvine's comment, September 25, 2013 6:05 AM
Communication mixes are constantly changing as discussed within the article. Emma's choice of article informs us to make sure you use the right media for the right audience. Taking communication risks is also encouraged to be bold and different and stand out from the rest. However, I have found it very interesting that this article describes the importance of knowing what is best for your product in terms of communication mixes. Once decided on the best option, there is no boundary to creativity.
Kamal Sunker's comment, September 25, 2013 9:10 PM
It would seem obvious that if we are trying to reach an audience of deaf people to purchase our product, we would not use radio as a medium for our advertising. Deciding which channels to use for our campaigns as marketers are detrimental so that we get the full effect that we aim for. I agree with Kendall, once the best option is decided, there is no boundary to creativity.
Scooped by Emma Nightingale!

The Future Of Social Media Marketing - Business Insider

The Future Of Social Media Marketing - Business Insider | Milestone 2 |
A window into the future of social media as a high-tech marketing platform.
Emma Nightingale's insight:

This article highlights mainly the relatively new form of media chanels used in marketing, which is social media. In particular this article focusses on the five main social media marketing chanels and concludes that facebook is by far the most popular. The facebook marketing programme has only been in existence for 18months and has already established 260 partners worldwide. In order to maintain effective social media marketing, marketers must understand the facebook activity, consumer engagement and so on. overall this article was interesting and covered some good points, was also slightly confusing.

Kamal Sunker's comment, September 24, 2013 11:47 PM
I too found the article to be somewhat confusing as there is an overuse of acronyms, however, some points were clear and wuite relevant to our use of social media. To an extent even scoopit is social media, and it integrates at ease with different social media channels to expand its reach. This article also outlines the fact that lots of business dollars are flying into social media, hence Facebook's networth continuing to rise.
kendall irvine's comment, September 25, 2013 6:28 AM
Social media is a huge part of the marketing mix today and in the US as the article points out, Facebook accounts for 57% of the total social media types used. For the future there will be a constant changing relationship between paid, owned and earned media as through social media you can communicate, create, share and post anything.