After WannaCry, EternalRocks digs deeper into the NSA’s exploit toolbox | #CyberSecurity #Ransomware #NSA | Cyber & co |

WannaCry may be behind us, but fears that the crooks might create new malware from the NSA's stash of exploits seem to be coming true...


Defensive measures

With the return of old-school worm outbreaks, it’s worth reviewing steps users can take to avoid infection. Unfortunately, some of those steps have proven unpopular, as Naked Security’s John Dunn wrote. Admins can block services or ports at firewall level but not often indefinitely. Suspending email is another tactic that works until everyone complains.

The best advice remains the same as it did when the outbreak began:

To guard against malware exploiting Microsoft vulnerabilities:

Stay on top of all patch releases and apply them quickly.If at all possible, replace older Windows systems with the latest versions.


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