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Northwestern University Knight Lab is developing its smarter Twitter search tool: twXplorer and was launched at the end of 2013.
It’s made its way into the toolboxes of journalists and non-journalists alike and offers a more convenient and organized way of finding and tracking Twitter content.

Key features are:
- Search Twitter for a word or phrase in 12 different languages;
- View popular terms, hashtags and links found in your searches;
- Save snapshots for later viewing.

From About Page how it works:

Sign In
You have to sign in before you can use twXplorer. You do this using OAuth, which is an authentication protocol that allows users to approve applications to act on their behalf without sharing their password.

Search queries
Enter a query in the search box, pick a language, and hit the search button. To provide a relatively swift response, and comply with Twitter's API limits, twXplorer finds the 500 most recent tweets that include your search terms.
If twXplorer reports finding 400 tweets, it means it found 400 unique tweets–which you can scroll through–and 100 “new style” retweets.

Search results
For any search terms you enter into twXplorer, you get four different ways to see your search results:
- Up to 500 recent tweets containing the terms you entered;
- In tweets that include your search terms;
- The most popular hashtags;
- The most popular links.

This search provides information about tweets on Twitter lists you have created or subscribed to (maximum of 100).

You can save a set of results by clicking on "Save Snapshot." You can view everything you've saved by clicking on "saved snapshots."....

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