Missouri rice farmers eye export market on banks of Nile River | MED-Amin network | Scoop.it
By Melody Walker, 13/08/2018

It takes a lot of water to grow rice... Farmers in Missouri’s bootheel have plenty from underground aquifers, replenished by the Mississippi River. But in Egypt, the government has slashed rice planting in half to conserve water. A new dam near the Nile River’s source in Ethiopia is threatening to stem the flow to Egypt’s rice paddies. That could be an opportunity for Missouri, a leading rice-producing state. Half of the U.S. crop is exported. The current trade war and tariffs with China have led American producers to explore other markets.

When Greg Yielding from Missouri, heard about the situation in Egypt he had an idea. The director of emerging markets for the U.S. Rice Producers organization, instantly started thinking about making a trade deal. He proposed that Missouri export “rough” or unmilled rice to Egypt. “It could help them economically as well as be a sustainable food supply for their people,” Yielding said. Egyptian traders have been receptive. To which extent?