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MED-Amin network
(Mediterranean Agricultural Information Network) Fostering cooperation and experience sharing among the national information systems on agricultural (cereals) markets in the Mediterranean. The network of 13 countries is coordinated by CIHEAM, and more specifically by its Mediterranean Agronomic Institute (MAI) of Montpellier.
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Semis d'hiver 2018/19 à la hausse en France malgré un recul marqué du blé dur

Agreste, 01/12/2018

La sole de céréales d’hiver atteindrait 7 millions
d'hectares, en hausse de 2,7 % en 2019 mais en baisse
de 1 % par rapport à la moyenne 2014-2018.
Céréales d’hiver : une sole en progression malgré
une baisse marquée du blé dur
La sole de blé tendre d’hiver atteindrait 5 millions
d’hectares, en progression de 3,5 % sur un an et de
0,4 % par rapport à la moyenne 2014-2018. Une partie de
cette hausse pourrait s'expliquer par la substitution de
colza n’ayant pu être semé par du blé tendre.
Les surfaces de blé dur seraient en fort recul à 308
milliers d'hectares (-11,1 % sur un an ; -8,4 % par rapport
à 2014-2018), retrouvant le niveau bas de 2015. La
sécheresse, la très mauvaise récolte de 2018 dans le sud
et des prix bas contribueraient à ce recul.
La sole d’orges d’hiver augmenterait de 3,3 % en 2019
mais diminuerait de 2,5 % par rapport à la moyenne 2014-
2018. A l'image du blé tendre, la hausse des surfaces
s'expliquerait notamment par un remplacement de colza
par de l'orge. Par rapport à 2018, les soles d'avoine, de
seigle et de triticale évolueraient respectivement de +
3,3 %, -1,4 % et + 2,8 %.

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A shaking world wheat market

A shaking world wheat market | MED-Amin network |

By Chris Lyddon (World Grain), 12/11/2018

In its Agri Commodities Monthly Report for October, Rabobank noted short-term support for wheat futures worldwide on the basis of tightening global fundamentals. “This support is forecast until further confidence emerges with respect to new 2019-20 crop supplies,” Rabobank said, noting that Northern Hemisphere plantings were nearing completion as it was published on Oct. 19. Rabobank called the record Russian export pace, with 13.8 million tonnes exported from July to September, “unsustainable.” “As Russian exports slow or are potentially restricted, demand would predominantly shift to the U.S., Argentina or even the E.U.,” Rabobank said.

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Le Maroc dévoile les mesures pour accompagner la campagne 2018-2019

Le Maroc dévoile les mesures pour accompagner la campagne 2018-2019 | MED-Amin network |

par Infomédiaire Maroc, 09/10/2018

La campagne agricole 2018-2019 a été lancée mardi, à partir de la commune Tameslouht (province d’Al Haouz), en présence du ministre de l’Agriculture, de la Pêche maritime, du Développement rural et des Eaux et Forêts, Aziz Akhannouch.

Le Maroc a produit 103 millions de quintaux de céréales en 2017-2018, soit une hausse de 7% par rapport à la campagne 2016-2017 et soit la troisième meilleure production depuis le lancement du PMV en 2008.

Concernant les incitations et mesures prises pour garantir la réussite à la campagne agricole 2018-2019, M. Akhannouch a fait savoir que son département a consacré 2,2 millions de quintaux de semences sélectionnées avec des prix de vente incitatifs et subventionnés alors que le ministère garantira l’approvisionnement du marché d’engrais avec 680.000 tonnes tout en mettant en œuvre les acquis et les résultats de la Carte du sol relative à la rationalisation de l’utilisation des engrais.

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Gov't announces wheat cultivated areas rise to 1.5M feddans in winter

Gov't announces wheat cultivated areas rise to 1.5M feddans in winter | MED-Amin network |

By Egypt Today, 01/12/2018

The size of wheat cultivated areas increased to 1.5 million feddans at the beginning of this year's winter season as there is a target to reach 3.4 million feddans, according to a report by the Ministry of Agriculture.

The ministry told press on Saturday that subsidized fertilizers are provided to farmers cultivating wheat, and that it is running awareness campaigns to encourage more wheat cultivation.

The ministry has also launched inspection campaigns on vegetable crops, especially tomato and potato crops, to follow up on productivity, provide needed guidelines and instructions, and avoid the repercussions of climate change.

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Difficult start for recently planted EU grains crops

Difficult start for recently planted EU grains crops | MED-Amin network |

by CRM AgriCommodities, 24/10/2018

Weeks of dry, hot weather have resulted in reduced wheat output in key producing/exporting regions in 2018 including Europe, the Black Sea, Australia and Canada. Although the full extent in Australia is still unknown, the final production figure will be highly likely to be lower than the current USDA’s 18.5MMT estimate. It implies that the cushion provided by record large stocks in 2017/18 has eroded, leaving little room for production accidents next year, even more so when coupled with supportive maize/barley fundamentals.

Although we have to remember that wheat is a weed and yields are made in May/June across the Northern hemisphere, the start of the campaign for the 2019 harvest is far from ideal. As per the map below, the drought in Europe and the Black Sea is ongoing and a widespread lack of moisture is evident across most of the continent. As such, the European Commission has warned in its October MARS Crop Monitoring bulletin (full report click here) that  warmer and substantially dryer-than-usual weather conditions in large parts of Europe hampered the sowing and emergence of winter crops’. However, there is still time for the crops to be drilled in Western Europe and some scattered showers are forecast in parts of southern Russia but France, the largest EU wheat producer, will remain dry for at least another week.

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Hope and Renewal

Hope and Renewal | MED-Amin network |

by Wheat Letter, 27/09/2018

With the 2018 U.S. winter wheat harvest complete and October right around the corner, U.S. wheat farmers are now seeding a new crop. Across the 18 states that represent 90 percent of the area planted to winter wheat last year, USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) estimates that 28 percent of the 2019 crop was planted as of September 23.

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