More floods and water scarcity ahead, but there is still time to mitigate their severity | MED-Amin network |

EU releases, 11/12/2018 - Flooding and water scarcity in Europe will increase in the coming decades, but to a much lesser extent if the objectives of the Paris Agreement on climate change are met.

A new JRC study looks at the impact of the changing climate, land use and water usage on Europe's water resources.

"We used a water resources model to estimate the impact of the changing climate under two 30-year scenarios. In one scenario, the targets of the Paris Agreement to keep global temperature rise below 2˚C are met. In the other, global temperatures increase by more than 2˚C. We modelled the consequences on Europe's water resources under these two scenarios", said JRC researcher Ad De Roo.

Researchers concluded that while the impacts would be substantially less severe if the Paris Agreement targets were met, flooding and summer water scarcity are projected to increase under both scenarios.

"To minimise future consequences, it is essential that the targets of the Paris Agreement are met sooner rather than later, and it is even better if we manage to stay well below those targets. We also believe that mitigation alone is not enough but that adaptation strategies such as water saving and efficiency measures will also be needed to cope with the future climate change impacts", Ad De Roo said.