WTO Members Weigh Options for Addressing Farm Export Restrictions | MED-Amin network | Scoop.it

By the ICTSD (International Center for Trade and Sustainable Development), 22/11/2018

WTO members are debating how to resolve long-standing disagreements over agricultural export restrictions and their impact on humanitarian food aid, sources told Bridges, with the issue taking centre stage during an informal meeting convened on 15 November by the chair of the organisation’s agriculture negotiations. Two new submissions from food-importing countries were discussed at the session, which was called by Guyana’s Ambassador John “Deep” Ford. At the same meeting, negotiators also discussed unresolved agricultural export competition issues, which involve measures seen as analogous to export subsidies at the WTO. 

A paper by Singapore highlighted the impact of export restrictions on food bought by the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) for humanitarian aid, while another paper by Japan and five other co-sponsors examined the use of export restrictions more broadly, drawing on governments’ notifications to the World Trade Organization. The US also tabled a submission on tariffs, although sources said this was not discussed in great depth by participants...