GEOGLAM Crop Monitor for AMIS of September 2018 | MED-Amin network |

GEOGLAM Crop Monitor of September 2018 released on September 5, based on information as of 28 August 2018.

As of the end of August, soybean conditions are favourable while wheat, maize, and rice conditions are mixed. Winter wheat in the northern hemisphere has wrapped up with further reduced yield prospects in the EU and Ukraine. While spring wheat conditions are favourable with the exception of Canada. For maize in the southern hemisphere, the summer-planted crop in Brazil finishes up with a good national production despite lower yields. In the northern hemisphere, conditions are mixed in Europe and exceptional in the US. Rice in China and India are favourable while in Southeast Asia conditions are mixed. Soybean conditions are exceptional in US Midwest and mostly favourable throughout the rest of the northern hemisphere.