El Niño affecting Australia and World's agriculture | MED-Amin network | Scoop.it

East-central Australia has been enduring severe drought for an extended period of time. Long range weather forecasters are now talking about a new El Niño event expected to develop later this year. El Niño events are harsh on eastern Australia agricultural areas, resulting in serious drought quite often. The return of El Niño later this year and into 2019 raises a sense of urgency in getting significant rain to fall prior to the onset of El Niño conditions so that the severity of drought will not reach extreme levels.

Winter wheat, barley and canola planting from northern New South Wales into Queensland has been on hold except in irrigated production areas since mid-April when the planting season normally begins. A few meager rain events have occurred, and a small amount of planting may be completed, but only in irrigated fields. Dryland crops need greater moisture to support planting, germination and emergence, and the prospects for such conditions are very low. 

Nearly all of the region’s agriculture can be affected by El Niño (including the Mediterranean) depending on its intensity, and all eyes will be on the phenomenon when it begins to evolve in a few months.