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MED-Amin network
(Mediterranean Agricultural Information Network) Fostering cooperation and experience sharing among the national information systems on agricultural (cereals) markets in the Mediterranean. The network of 13 countries is coordinated by CIHEAM, and more specifically by its Mediterranean Agronomic Institute (MAI) of Montpellier.
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I.G.C. lowers world flour trade outlook

I.G.C. lowers world flour trade outlook | MED-Amin network |

Par Arvin Donley, Baking Business, 27/11/2018

World wheat flour trade for 2018-19 was revised downward by 100,000 tonnes of wheat equivalent (less than 1%) by the International Grains Council but is still in line with last year’s estimated total of 17.1 million tonnes.

The I.G.C. released its quarterly forecast on Nov. 22 as part of its monthly Grain Market Review report. In August, the I.G.C. forecast 2018-19 global flour trade at 17.2 million tonnes.

 “Although only a limited amount of information is so far available, volumes by the main flour exporters (mostly covering June through September) are generally below last season, particularly to sub-Saharan Africa and Pacific Asia,” the I.G.C. said.

In the war-torn Middle East, imports are trending upward, the I.G.C. noted. “In contrast, tonnage shipped to (the Middle East) is slightly higher year on year, where local agricultural production and flour processing continue to be affected by conflict in some countries,” the I.G.C. said.

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Mondelez to expand sustainable wheat sourcing in Europe (World Grain)

Mondelez to expand sustainable wheat sourcing in Europe (World Grain) | MED-Amin network |

June 4th, 2018, Keith Nunes.

Mondelez International is expanding its sustainable wheat sourcing initiative to cover 100% of the wheat that goes into its European biscuit brands by 2022.


In 2017, the sourcing program, called Harmony, included 1,700 farmers, 13 millers and 21 cooperatives across six markets, including Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Poland and Spain. By 2022, the company hopes to increase the tonnage to 280,000 tons. The amount would cover the volume of wheat needed to produce the company’s entire European biscuit portfolio.

“European consumers increasingly equate high-quality products with sustainable production,” said Hubert Weber, president of Mondelez’s European business.

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World's Oldest Bread Found at Prehistoric Site in Jordan

World's Oldest Bread Found at Prehistoric Site in Jordan | MED-Amin network |

Charred remains of a flatbread baked about 14,500 years ago in a stone fireplace at a site in northeastern Jordan have given researchers a delectable surprise: people began making bread, a vital staple food, millennia before they developed agriculture.

Via Système de veille
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