Engineering a Safer World: Systems Thinking Applied to Safety 
Engineering has experienced a technological revolution, but the basic engineering techniques applied in safety and reliability engineering, created in a simpler, analog world, have changed very little over the years. In this groundbreaking book, Nancy Leveson proposes a new approach to safety—mor...
Core Competencies for Performance Consultants
Four categories of competencies are critical to the success of any performance consultant.
Design Systems Handbook
Your guide to design systems best practices. Learn how to design, build, maintain, and implement design systems–from design leaders and world-class teams.
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Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead.
Goals are strangely at odds with long-term progress.
Capra Course Alumni Lectures: Felicia Chavez Discusses Sustainability and Spirituality
The fourth edition of Fritjof Capra's Capra Course has now started and we are already having some amazing conversations about the systems view of life. When participants complete the course, they are given access to the alumni network, which is now really starting to grow, with many interesting p...
How to Make Difficult Problems Easier to Solve with Systems Thinking
Learn how to use Systems Thinking to tackle wicked problems and increase your speed of thought. This is how you can think of new ideas 10 times faster.
Systems Thinking: Trust Your Gut – Positive Returns – Medium
A key question teams are asked when vetting their strategy is, “how did you protect against baking your assumptions into your analysis?”
This is particularly important in systems-based work, which relies heavily on getting a holistic and more objective understanding of the environments in which ...
Why Systems Thinking Matters – Four Kitchens
There is an incredible payoff in pinpointing a singular problem, strategizing a solution and bringing a vision to life. Knowledge work usually doesn’t offer such clear feelings of accomplishment because, often times, the solution shines a light on a whole host of other issues. But as we come to a...
Purpose + Context = Connectedness | Sustainable Brands
Identifying Purpose goes deeper than the vision or mission of an organization – it plumbs to the depth of the positive contribution the organization wants to make to society and the planet in the long run. Purpose also leads to a clear legacy picture and brand identity that transcends the transac...
Design Thinking | Thoughts by Tim Brown
Thoughts by Tim Brown
Mental Models: The Best Way to Make Intelligent Decisions (113 Models Explained)
The smartest people in the world use mental models to make intelligent decisions, avoid stupidity, and increase productivity. Let's take a look at ho
Systems Thinking: comprehensive way of understanding how systems work
Systems Thinking allows you to see both the big picture & the details, & also assess any unintended consequences
Systems Thinking and the Cobra Effect - Our World
Using systems thinking, policymakers can avert the 'cobra effect' where simplistic policies come back to bite you with unintended outcomes.
10 Films That Make It Easy to See How Our Economy Is Killing the Planet
We can do so much better than this.
Comment gérer l’humain dans un monde VUCA
« On entend beaucoup parler d’un monde ‘VUCA’ dans lequel nous évoluerions. Comment adapter nos activités et processus RH à ce mode de fonctionnement pour en t…
Why do we work so hard?
Our jobs have become prisons from which we don’t want to escape.
Are You A Calibrator?
As the epitome of a Calibrator, Marissa Mayer is meticulously focused on building a better system — a standout of her achievements at Google. However, her
Change Management: Making Organization Change Happen Effectively
What exactly is change management? Learn what this broad term means, and about some of the tools and techniques to help you manage change successfully in your project.
self-organization is the future
self-organization is the future
a tool for thinking in systems
9 ways to make your boss fall in love with your ideas 
Have you ever had a new idea?
Systems thinking: a cautionary tale (cats in Borneo)
Learn about sustainability for free with short animation videos! Find all sustainability videos and join the community o
How to Make a Systems Graphic to Understand Shared Enterprises
Wherever we are, we need to deal with complex systems, from small family units to whole environmental ecosystems. With zillions of entities interacting, it's almost impossible to keep track of how our actions may affect the world. When we are faced with such situations and need to understand comp...
Systems thinking changes everything | From Poverty to Power
A Guardian 'long read' extract from How Change Happens nicely captures many of the central arguments of the book
Why Corporations Have a Talent Problem
The reason most corporations are broken when it comes to talent acquisition is they are simply looking for the wrong things through the wrong lens. Their hiring models are built for the old economy. They are looking for conformity rather than a non-conformity. They look to protect the status quo ...
Strategy under uncertainty | McKinsey & Company
The traditional approach to strategy requires precise predictions and thus often leads executives to underestimate uncertainty. This can be downright dangerous. A four-level framework can help.
Successful Leaders Know What Made Them Who They Are
As chairman of the Washington Speakers Bureau, Bernie Swain posed one simple question to 100 of the eminent people that his company represents. People like Madeleine Albright, Tom Brokaw, Colin Powell, Terry Bradshaw and Condoleezza Rice were asked to identify the one person, event, or influence ...
Learning: Employees take charge
Corporate learning departments are changing from education providers to content curators and experience facilitators, developing innovative platforms that turn employee learning and development into a self-driven pursuit.
Introducing the Systems View of Life Into Organizations | Sustainable Brands
One of the first obstacles in introducing systems thinking into organizations is the fact that universities, which are organized around single disciplines, are not currently able to prepare students in this approach, which is inherently multidisciplinary. As Fritjof remarked:

“A professor of b...
The pertinence of the systems approach to wicked problems faced by planners generally
In 10 slides I will explain above concept map which enables an integrated conceptualization of the logical relationships of the core characteristics of wicked problems with the basic requirements and workings of the systems approach.
The Six Systems Thinking Steps to Solve Complex Problems
Systems thinking helps us to explore problems as part of a large system. These six steps can help us achieve systems thinking.
Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields – Summary
This article contains my book notes for Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields (2011). We all suffer from uncertainty and doubt, especially when creating something new. It’s certainly something I have issues with. Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance is a […]
Dysfunctional Organization: Definition and Cure - Intelligent Management -
"There is no such thing as a dysfunctional organization." We were asked to comment on this statement. Here is our reply.
Russell Ackoff
Russell Ackoff 2004 Keynote
The Management Thinker We Should Never Have Forgotten
W. Edwards Deming believed that we can improve worker performance only when we improve the entire system they work within. And he believed that managers wrongly apply incentive pay plans, forced rankings, and all sorts of carrots and sticks to create the illusionof control without solving root pe...
Disciplines of a Learning Organization: Peter Senge
If there is one book that has influenced my business thinking the most, it is Peter Senge’s “The Fifth Discipline – The Art and Practice of Learning Organization” and I have referred to it many times over past years on this blog. Written in 1990, the insights contained in this book are even
The Communication Guide For Leaders Who Aren't Sure What's Coming Next
When we don't have enough information, our brains seek "cognitive closure." Much of the time, it doesn't end well.
Reawakening Idealism
In current times we need idealists to steward the conversation about the society we want to live in rather than leaving it up to greedy lobbyists, opportunistic politicians and reductionistic fortune tellers to set the direction.
Paradigms are Made for Shifting
“A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels…" ~Albert Einstein, N.Y.
Adapting Change to Fit Complexity
What if decision makers instigating change are seeing the inherent nature of companies all wrong?
Simple Rules for Organizational Conflict Resolution
We all deal with conflict, whether we like it or not. There are many ways to work through a difficult conversation, or find a settlement in negotiation. Some outcomes are more sustainable and satisfactory than others.
Change the World Capture the Drama
How often have you been involved in facilitating or engaging in a conversation that got so wrapped up in the drama of it all that the participants lost sight of the original goal or purpose of the conversation? There is a practice that we can use to get past all that drama. It’s called “Six-word ...
Agile is Dead
A good example of the archetype Limith to growth when you don't stick to the initial principles
Edgar Schein: Humble Leadership
Author and organizational culture expert Ed Schein in a conversation with Google VP of People Development Karen May.
How a Lack of Systemic Thinking Threatens a Sustainable U.S. Energy Policy
Congress’s failure to see the ramifications of its shifting ethanol policies is wreaking havoc on energy supply chains.
12 of the Best Email Marketing Examples You've Ever Seen (And Why They're Great)
At one point or another, we all need inspiration to do our jobs better. It doesn't matter whether you're a marketing veteran who has navigated through years of changing technology or a newbie fresh out of college -- we all need examples of outstanding content. It helps us get through creative rut...
Create Mentorships, Not Minions
Today, the traditional paradigm in which a charismatic executive leads an adoring, less-senior employee where power is often misaligned won’t do, explained executive coaching expert Wendy Mantel of Mantel Coaching Inc. Millennials want close, meaningful relationships with mentors. They also want ...
It has certainly been interesting as of late, with leaders and the practice of leadership receiving more scrutiny than any other time in recent history. There seems to be no shortage of data pointing to the current “leadership crisis,” from surveys on confidence, trust, hope, and optimism, and th...
Meadows: les limites de la croissance – 2002
Trente ans de perdus ! ANALYSE SUCCINCTE DU RAPPORT MEADOWS ( MISE A JOUR - 2002) "En conséquence nous sommes plus pessimistes concernant le futur que nous l'étions en 1972" (dans la préface de l'auteur) (extrait du premier article) Croissance de la population mondiale. Il y a 12 000…
Collapse des systèmes complexes
Pourquoi parler d’effondrement et de collapse de notre civilisation ? Parce que le faisceau d’informations factuelles est très convergent, parce que cela a à voir avec les systèmes complexes, et parce que la résilience, individuelle et collective, commence par l’acceptation de la réalité telle qu...
Systems Thinking and Leadership for Our Times | Leadership & Change Magazine
Focusing on your energy through a reflective practice, as well as focusing on the larger system that you are part of, will help you contribute in a positive way.
The Leadership Development Road Map
13,124 leaders provided their input for the Global Leadership Forecast 2014|2015, presented by DDI and The Conference Board. This vast amount of data brought us to 18 initial findings, with more to come. View a snapshot of the data, and explore key questions on the path to organizational success ...
Organize for Complexity 2 - Niels Pflaeging & Martin Seibert about the 3 structures of organizations
All videos of this series: An interview by Martin Seibert (//SEIBERT/MEDIA) with "management exorcist", author and change curator Niels Pflaeging about organizational physics, complicated vs. complex problems and the 3 structures of organizations.
Creative Learning Exchange —
Rethinking the Work-Life Equation

Flexible working has got to be the future, but to implement it effectively is complicated!

Shifting Paradigms: Aligning with the Wisdom of Nature
“See simplicity in the complicated, Seek greatness in small things.
ThinkQuiry Poster Series: Asking Metacognitive Questions
These four beautiful DSRP posters, or all 4 together, can be found here. Enjoy! "We wanted to get people asking different kinds of questions. Questions that lead to new insights and answers but also more questions.
Shifting Paradigms: Aligning with the Wisdom of Nature
“See simplicity in the complicated, Seek greatness in small things.
TEDxDirigo - Eli Stefanski - Making Systems Thinking Sexy
Elizabeth Stefanski is an impatient social innovation junkie with over a decade of experience in building and leading social ventures. She recently joined th...
The Six Systems Thinking Steps to Solve Complex Problems - Designorate
Systems thinking helps us to explore problems as part of a large system. These six steps can help us achieve systems thinking.
Simplifying complexity
Ecologist Eric Berlow doesn't feel overwhelmed when faced with complex systems. He knows that more information can lead to a better, simpler solution. Illustrating the tips and tricks for breaking down big issues, he distills an overwhelming infographic on U.S. strategy in Afghanistan to a few el...
013: Systems Thinking with Derek Cabrera of CRLab
Dr. Derek Cabrera holds a PhD from Cornell University, has authored eight books, and is an internationally recognized expert in metacognition and systems thinking.
Systemic Perspective
Given a situation, which might be a problem you need to deal with, something you want to create, or simply something you want to understand, developing the requisite understanding is easier if you have an effective method for doing so.
System Thinking for Nonprofits
As a statewide nonprofit, the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence understands the need to be centered and ready for change.
Systems Thinking in a Milan Taxi - Intelligent Management -
Businesses in Milan are in fact an eco-system, or value chain. What could happen if businesses did some systems thinking and realized this?
Whole system learning for young leaders | SUSTAINABILITY INSTITUTE INC's Fundraiser
We are excited to share with you this short video - In a World of Systems- narrated and illustrated by David Macaulay (of "How Things Work") in collaboration with Linda Booth Sweeney and our team.
Defining systems thinking
Defining systems thinking is somewhat of an impossible task. There are arguably dozens of possible descriptions and definitions, often with wholly different intent and individual delicate nuance. H...
Leadership in Uncertain Times
Leadership in Uncertain Times - Hudson
Leadership in Uncertain Times
Leadership in Uncertain Times - Hudson
Top 10 Things Systems Thinkers Do- Derek Cabrera
We liked this; Top 10 Things Systems Thinkers Do by Derek Cabrera. I can sum up what people want to know about systems thinking in two questions.
The Fifth Discipline Quotes by Peter M. Senge
30 quotes from The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization: ‘the bad leader is he who the people despise; the good leader is he...
Systems Thinking - Seeing How Everything is Connected
We can't fix the ecological crisis until we change the fundamental mindset that got us into this mess. This is why we need Systems Thinking.
Failing With Single-Point Solutions: Systems Thinking For National Security | Small Wars Journal
Failing With Single-Point Solutions: Systems Thinking For National Security #vanepolitics #vane
Developing Mastery in a Digital Age
Leaders must have their eyes on the future and scan the world for signals of change. Intelligence about the future is a key resource for building robust strategic trajectories for companies.
Systems Thinking - Tool/Concept/Definition
Systems Thinking - Tool/Concept/Definition
The Art of Systems Thinking
Systems thinking discovers patterns of assumptions that may have been invisible. We refer to these as “frames.” In the field of cognitive science, it’s well understood that frames influence how…
Draw Toast- a primer in systems thinking and wicked problem solving | heartoftheart
Systems thinker Tom Wujec designed a simple workshop exercise to highlight the complexity of thought and influence that surround problem solving and change. And it simply involves drawing toast.
Pride Comes Before a Fall - A Lesson For Leaders and VW - Intelligent Management -
The lesson for leaders is that organizations are systems and as such they need to be managed systemically and led systemically, towards an ethical goal.
"The Cynefin Mini-Book" by Greg Brougham
We all recognise that world is inherently complex but what does this mean? This mini-book started out as a series of papers that were experiential in nature and which were intended to provide an introduction to complexity, the Cynefin framework in particular and some of its related practices that...
What is organisational culture? - People Development
In the good old industrial days, though in theory, organisational culture was still defined by the gurus as 'shared assumptions, values and beliefs
How Uncertainty Fuels Anxiety
People who are less able to tolerate uncertainty worry more.
What Successful Entrepreneurs Know You Probably Don’t
Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone though making decisions like one gives you the advantage especially when you’re faced with uncertain outcomes or conflicting information. To confuse matters more, the stalwart reference for traditional business thinkers is the Harvard Business Review, whic...
Fast, Effective Decision-Making in a Complex World
Over the past decades, leaders have realized that hierarchical models reduce the ability of people to make quick decisions, especially when scattered, and flattened their structures
Le ventre, notre deuxième cerveau (ARTE, vidéo, 1h)
Que savons-nous de notre ventre, cet organe bourré de neurones, que les chercheurs commencent à peine à explorer ? Selon cette captivante enquête scientifique, il semblerait que notre cerveau ne soit pas le seul maître à bord.
A Summary of Anti-Fragile & Related Quotes from Author Nicholas Nassim Taleb
7 Leadership Competencies for Whole System Change
By Carri Schneider - Lessons on leadership from Lyle Kirtman and Michael Fullan's book "Leadership: Key Competencies for Whole-System Change".
Solving Complex Problems with the 11 Laws of Systems Thinking
Systems thinking is the key to solving complex problems and achieving simplicity. Furthermore, by applying systems thinking to different situations, we also start to recognize the existence of universal patterns of behavior in business and in life.
Making Decisions in a Complex Adaptive System
This article explains how to make effective decisions when operating in a complex adaptive system.
Explaining Cynefin for strategy and decision making
I have been teaching the Cynefin framework for a number of years now. Like Dave Snowden i learn as much or more from needing to share it than I do from actually deploying it. I find myself sharing...
Leadership in Complex Times
My life has got more complex. It was my own fault, there is no-one else to blame. I now work with a greater number of schools, they are more diverse in nature and there are many more connections ...
A call for new thinking in the new systems age
As human development practitioners, we have been talking a lot recently about how a changing world is demanding new approaches to development in the way we finance, implement our projects and measure the results of our work.
Complexity in Systems, Organizations, and the Workplace (part 1 of 3)
Complexity is pervasive in today’s workplace, but our understanding of it is not. Find out why.
Considering Holacracy? Watch Out for These 6 Red Flags - | Chief Executive mag...
Zappos may have gained notoriety in recent months for being the latest company to move to the holacracy model of self-management, but when it comes to golden success stories, others are leading the way. If you're thinking about following their lead, consider these 6 cautionary points first.
How To Make The Whole Organization Agile
Leadership storytelling inspires the culture shift to Agile
Change Toolkit
Pourquoi, comment, quoi – Comment être Agile?
Otto Scharmer and the three enemies
Video of Otto Scharmer introducing the concept of the three enemies. What happens when places try to move from downloading into deeper levels of consciousness? Scharmer asks; if people are really ...
Antifragile system design principles
there are certain design principles that emerge from Taleb’s work that can help reduce the fragility of the systems we design.
General Systems Thinking - eBook Bundle
A reader: If I had to select a book that has influenced my thinking most, it would be this one. This book is one that I have gone back to re-read many times.