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The social media landscape is anything but constant — it seems like the ecosystem is changing daily...
This infographic shows what the social media landscape looks like right now. Unlike the famously viral LUMAscape depiction that crowds every single social media company into one infographic, this is a simpler visual of how things work "from customer service and R&D to HR and marketing."

The key question that brands have when planning and then analyzing social media campaigns is how to measure the impact that every dollar spent on paid social media has on the value their owned and earned social media.

An additional infographic analyzes the interaction of these three forms of social media, explaining:

"The high level analysis for media effectiveness takes all of earned and owned divided by paid. Earned is all the impressions generated divided by average CPM, owned includes all channels, and paid is the overall media spend. The higher the ratio, the more earned amplification is generated from paid."

Via Lauren Moss