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This piece and infographic is from Adam Vincenzini on his blog.

I selected this article because it's another way for you to find key influencers and these tools will help to narrow your search

Here are some highlights:

Instead of focusing on the subjectivity of this process (and how this insight is deployed) Here's how you can use a combination of free tools to narrow your search.

Where do online influencers operate?

**They are active everywhere:

     Most popular are:

     blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Online

     communities, discussion boards


**Influencers are active on Twitter

**Influencers operate some for of blogging hub

Focus on the intelligence you can glean from Twitter initially then verify this initial sweep with blog (or relevant hub) data

The initial steps involve:

1. Search by keyword

2. Search by location

3 tools useful in the process: The first two you can also search by location:

** - then run this through another influencer tool -   

     tweetlevel to give it even more relevance (this isn't fool proof)



There are more suggestions in this piece having said that:


**No matter how hard we try, a 100% fool proof influence rating is near on impossible because influence is not a science, it can't be.

** this can help narrow things down, significantly


Selected by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond"

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