How Retailers Are Using Social Media in Store to Boost Sales | MarketingHits |

In the online era, retailers have more competition than ever before. At one point, the competition came from fellow brick and mortar stores and business owners were dealing with customers face to face.

The rules of the game have changed but there are things like online reputation management and using social media to connect with customers to deal with, as well as the more traditional methods of interacting with them.

If you are running a retail store, there are ways you can use social media sites to give your in-store sales a boost.

The advantage that a brick and mortar store has over an online one is that you are dealing with customers who have decided to enter your premises. They are less likely to be casual browsers, like you would find online.

Your clientele is more likely to be motivated to make a purchase, and you can use location-based marketing to reach out to them during this window of opportunity.