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“Strategies” is a word we see everyday, and in our social media world, it is commonly used in reference to marketing. The question keeps coming to me about what this actually means!
First, let’s start with the Etymology.

This is directly from Wikipedia:  Etymology: The term “Strategy derives from the Greek “στρατηγία” (strategia), “office of general, command, generalship”, in turn from “στρατηγός” (strategos), “leader or commander of an army, general” a compound of “στρατός” (stratos), “army, host” + “ἀγός” (agos), “leader, chief”, in turn from “ἄγω” (ago), “to lead”.

As you see, “Strategy” is a military term. Although it seems at first to be a stretch to think of Social Media Marketing Strategies as a military derivative – think about it -  it takes two to Engage.
Now, let’s break it down into a plain language definition and show how it pertains to social media marketing strategies.




  • Strategies refer to a plans of action designed to achieve a particular Goal.



  • Strategies are Tactics linked together designed to achieve a particular Goal.



  • Tactics are individual tasks or actions linked together to form Strategies.



  • Strategies are Tactics linked together and determines how we engage each morning on our social media venues.


Therefore, in terms of Social Media, Strategies becomes part of four levels:

  1. Goals (dreams, money, vacation, cars, houses, etc.),
  2. Strategies (list of tactics linked together to achieve goals),
  3. Tactics (smaller sub-strategies that are off-shoots of strategies), and
  4. Engagement (follow through with strategies to meet goals).