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Content marketing has several benefits but the most important factors which made content marketing the hottest trends is its ability to increase visibility and create business branding and awareness. Since 2013, it’s the most talked about topic in blogging and seo communities. Content is the king, and with the help of content you can reach huge number of people and new readers across several platforms.


Every business model requires a well-structured strategy; same is applicable for content marketing. Its no-way different from marketing rather it’s an integral part of your marketing strategies. But, before you head-off to start your content marketing campaigns, you must learn about the tools which will help you a lot in your marketing and will make it lot easier.


Social Media Strategies Summit has created an outstanding infographic on 25 content marketing tools and has divided them in 5 categories (5 tools in each category) which are content curation, content creation, finding content writers, content promotion and content marketing analytics. These are the must have tools for every marketer who uses content marketing on a daily basis. It’s a simple infographic, but can help you a lot in your business’s content marketing strategy....

Via Jeff Domansky, malek, AceConcierge