Content Creation vs. Content Sharing #INFOGRAPHIC | MarketingHits |

Anyone who has done any blogging or helmed a brand’s social media account for any length of time knows a simple rule of the Internet: Content is key. After all, if you have nothing to say why should anyone listen?


One of the hardest lessons to learn when promoting a brand online is the relationship betweencontent creation and content sharing. Yes, the brand’s official account should emphasize and help promote and spread the brand’s message, but that’s not all it should do.


Nobody likes sitting down to dinner with a self-absorbed narcissist who does nothing but talk about themself in the third person for hours at a time. Don’t make the same mistake with your Twitter or Facebook accounts.


This infographic from Rebuild Nation helps explain the difference between Content Creation (creating and promoting your own content) and Content Sharing (sharing newsworthy and timely content from others that still falls within the bounds of your brand’s scope).