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This is a good piece, and of course, it has  everything to do with content, if you're curating for business and branding, you will want to have a look at this, good info.




"When developing a social search strategy, it's tempting to look at social networks"'alone and how you will effectively be found through search to gain...


Social search is gaining in popularity as a marketing term and practice as more brands recognise the benefit in developing a combined strategy and the need to react to changing consumer behaviour.


A search engine results page is no longer just a mass of static links, but combines photo, video and realtime content to present the user with an increasingly changing web of gateways to content online.


The focus for a long time has been on the strategy on external social networks – increasing your profiles to reach new users but also improve your search engine rankings to control the front page for your results. The website has taken somewhat of a backfoot when it comes to a social search strategy, but you risk ignoring it at your peril.



Content is still king


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