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5 Ways Instagram Helps Market Your Business

5 Ways Instagram Helps Market Your Business | marketing on web |
There several ways that you can use Instagram help market your business grow loyalty fans gain more exposure your brand: Photo Contests. If you want see quick spike followers Instagram, holding contest way do it.

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Five Fitness Pune's comment, July 2, 2013 5:03 AM
Valuable information.
Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, July 2, 2013 3:46 PM
I like Tyler's tip too. We live in a a "Behind The Curtain" time. Everyone wants to peek into how things are done. In fact sometimes I think we need to be more careful about timing. Cinemax puts a "behind the scenes" look at one of my favorite action series (StrikeBack) and it ruins the illusion of the episode I'm about to watch. So LOVE this tip, but don't share too much at the wrong time.
Tyler Negus Snidow's comment, July 3, 2013 9:16 AM
Thanks Martin. And yes - reveal info. with respect spoiler alert mentality!
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3 Content Aggregation Tools for Social Media Marketing - Entrepreneur

3 Content Aggregation Tools for Social Media Marketing - Entrepreneur | marketing on web |
Social Barrel
3 Content Aggregation Tools for Social Media Marketing
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest -- your social media streams are full of customer-generated content that you can use to help market your business.
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Digital to be majority of media and entertainment revenue by 2015

Digital to be majority of media and entertainment revenue by 2015 | marketing on web |
For media and entertainment companies, digital is fast becoming the main way of making money.
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4 Ways To Boost Social Engagement And Put Some Zing Into Your Marketing

Whether you've been working on your social marketing for a while and feel like it needs a little oomph, or you're just starting out and aren't sure how to get anyone interested in what you have to say, these four ideas will get your creative juices...
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The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Digital Marketing [Infographic]

The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Digital Marketing [Infographic] | marketing on web |
Do you understand exactly what digital marketing is? It's an often misunderstood & misused term. Learn about it in this infographic that explains it well.
Hans Börjesson's curator insight, September 27, 2013 9:50 AM

Digital marknadsföring

Progressive training's curator insight, November 18, 2013 10:25 AM

The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Digital Marketing


Roberto Nocera's curator insight, January 7, 2014 12:24 PM

Digital Marketing Infographic

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How To Create The Perfect Pinterest, Google+, Facebook & Twitter Posts [Infographic]

How To Create The Perfect Pinterest, Google+, Facebook & Twitter Posts [Infographic] | marketing on web |
mycleveragency's latest infographic cuts through all the jargon and marketing spiel and condenses what it takes to create a great post across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

Via Bonnie Burns
ramil navidad's comment, June 18, 2013 8:32 AM
really nice
Carlos Bisbal's comment, June 18, 2013 5:59 PM
very good!
Constance Jones Collier's curator insight, November 28, 2014 11:21 PM

Something Interesting to share

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Social Media Marketing Coach Discusses Methods of Customer Outreach - PR Web (press release)

Social Media Marketing Coach Discusses Methods of Customer Outreach PR Web (press release) On June 28, Justin Maas, spokesperson for Social Media Marketing Coach, issues a response to a recent article from Online Marketing Springfield about how to...
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5 Unique Landing Page Strategies The Competition Isn't Using... Yet.

5 Unique Landing Page Strategies The Competition Isn't Using... Yet. | marketing on web |
Sometimes, the typical landing page strategies just aren't enough. What happens when you take a step outside the box?
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What does the future hold for social and digital agencies? - Blog | Kitcatt Nohr Digitas

What does the future hold for social and digital agencies? - Blog | Kitcatt Nohr Digitas | marketing on web |
According to research conducted amongst 2,000 marketing students across Europe, the days of the specialist social media and digital marketing agency are numbered.
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Interesting Statistics of Top 5 Social Media Sites – an infographic

Interesting Statistics of Top 5 Social Media Sites – an infographic | marketing on web |
Interesting Statistics of Top 5 Social Media Sites – an infographic Did you know that
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Come creare un’infografica: 5 tools indispensabili

Come creare un’infografica: 5 tools indispensabili | marketing on web |
Alcuni strumenti utili e facili da utilizzare per creare le tue infografiche

Via Stefano Principato
Stefano Principato's comment, June 16, 2013 2:35 AM
Stefano Principato's comment, June 16, 2013 2:37 AM
Stefano Principato's comment, June 16, 2013 2:37 AM
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The Top 14 Marketing Technology Articles Curated Today, Friday, 6/14/13, from The Marketing Automation Alert

The Top 14 Marketing Technology Articles Curated Today, Friday, 6/14/13, from The Marketing Automation Alert | marketing on web |

Yet again we’re leaving you this week with great marketing technology content to build your gray matter. Here’s what we’ve got for you: an overview of InterestBase (talk about a missing piece to the B2B marketing puzzle), a guide to Link Building (free), a Gartner E-commerce Magic Quadrant report (free), and the release of Twitter Analytics from Twitter (again, FREE). We throw in some Big Data posts, some landing page posts, and viola, you’re a smarter marketer. Chill out this weekend.


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Featured Marketing Automation Article


Marketing Automation's Missing Link: Getting Higher Conversions Using Customer Intelligence - Forbes

From - Today, 8:16 AM


Key excerpt...


Tomorrow’s Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are Eloqua, Marketo and Salesforce power users today.  The era of the digital marketer hasn’t just arrived, it’s rapidly accelerated past marketing strategies and methods that have proven marginally effective and lacking in analytical precision and measurement.


What’s fueling this marketing revolution are the insights gained from Big Data, predictive analytics, and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, providing marketers valuable insights into how they can increase conversion rates. They’re also finding out more about who their prospective customers are through the use of personas.  I’ve been tracking Mintigo and their InterestBase platform, and the following video explains the benefits of this platform:


iNeoMarketing's insight:

It's not often we get excited about a product offering, but we are with this one. Even if you're not in the market, it's a must see video (2 minutes) and then a click through to It may be the solution for the B2B Marketer to leverage data for lead generation.



Martec's Law: Technology changes exponentially, organizations change logarithmically - Chief Marketing Technologist

From - Today, 8:05 AM


I believe these two things are true: Technology is changing very rapidly, and those changes seem to be accelerating. Changing an organization — how it thinks and behaves — is still hard and slow.


Key excerpt...


The great management dilemma of the 21st century is the relationship between these two curves: technology is changing faster than organizations can absorb change.


That is the crux of technology management. We can’t adopt all technological changes, but we can consciously choose some. Great technology management is choosing which changes to absorb — ideally those that are best aligned with the organization’s overall strategy.

In the graph, it’s intentionally deciding what’s in (the red shaded area) and what’s out (the blue shaded area).


We also need to recognize how entwined organizational change is in technology strategy. It’s not enough to decide which technological changes to embrace or to deal with the technical implementations of those choices. To succeed, technology management must explicitly address how those technologies will be absorbed into the operations and the culture of the organization. It must proactively coach, coax, nurture, educate, train, elevate, and inspire the people who will wield that technology.


In no context is this more true than marketing and marketing technology.


iNeoMarketing's insight:

Pick ur poison. The question is how to quantify Scott Brinker's seminal chart. If this can be quantified, then Moore's Law needs to move over and make room. Regardless, as marketers, we can't do it all, and we need to make those choices that fit best with the corporate mandate.



8 Steps To Effective Content for Social Media - B2B Marketing Insider

From - Today, 7:59 AM




8 Steps To Effective Content For Social Media

Listen firstStop creating crapEngage your audienceFind your voiceBe helpfulFind your Rhythm: (the 4-1-1 rule of social sharing)Reject excuses for not using any social channelsBe entertaining, if you can


iNeoMarketing's insight:


It starts with slide 18, and more of a background deck to the presentation, so you may want to click through on the links above to fully understand the snippet.



Marketing Automation: The Need for a Behavior-Based Program - Profs

From - Today, 7:35 AM




Here are a few steps in the journey toward a buyer-centric automation strategy, which I like to call "behavioral marketing automation."


Segmenting, and Sending Messages, Based on Behavior: The first step of behavioral marketing automation is to determine which target audiences exhibit similar characteristics. Upon identifying clusters, you can send those groups relevant messages based on shared characteristics. Harnessing other factors related to context, like timeframe, can also boost the marketing relevance of your messages.

Driving Immediate Behavioral Messages: Once you've established your initial segments and clusters, you're ready to take things to the next level: letting contact behaviors take the wheel on an ongoing basis.

Why Behavioral Marketing, in the First Place? Sending individualized, targeted messages can seem like a daunting task, but with the Web tracking capabilities of modern marketing automation, this strategy has never been easier to execute. Moreover, why would you want to miss an opportunity to provide potential buyers with what they want, precisely when they want it?


iNeoMarketing's insight:

The author of the post is an evangelist for Silverpop, and Silverpop has announced behavioral marketing features as a part of its MAP (see This feature makes tremendous sense, and we encourage you to read David Raab's post to learn more:



FREE: The Advanced Guide to Link Building - QuickSprout


From - Today, 7:05 AM



When I published The Advanced Guide to SEO to help people take their SEO game to another level, I was overwhelmed by the response. Soon after launching that guide, I realized that the most important and challenging aspect of SEO -- link building -- lacked an updated, in-depth guide. Not anymore. Here you'll find a link building resource overflowing with value and depth. In other words, I'm holding nothing back. From guest posting to PR funneling, you'll learn how to execute every effective link building technique on the planet.


If your site was hit by Panda or Penguin and you need a primer on contemporary link building, this is for you. If you're fed up with hearing about press releases and social bookmarks, then this guide is for you. If you're looking for exact sources where you can score backlinks today, then you'll love this guide. Whether you run a niche affiliate site or a Fortune 500 ecommerce giant, you'll definitely learn something new that you can use to grow your business.


iNeoMarketing's insight:

Well, we now have our weekend reading. You do as well. Must review as a part of your post Penguin 2.0 strategy.



SlideShare: The stealth b-to-b social site | BtoB Magazine

From - Today, 7:09 AM




B2b marketers using social media seek out channels dedicated solely to business, where potential buyers came for serious content—not dancing cats. According to Kelly Services' Todd Wheatland, SlideShare is such a platform. Wheatland, VP-head of thought leadership and marketing at the staffing company's outsourcing and consulting group, is a SlideShare believer.  “Think of SlideShare as YouTube for presentations and documents,” Wheatland said. “The six most-used tags for content on SlideShare are business, statistics, social media, market, research and trends. Just think about how that probably compares to other channels.”


iNeoMarketing's insight:




Marketers, Seeing A Changing Landscape, Recognize Need For Data Analysis Skills - Marketing Charts

From - Today, 6:58 AM




Whereas 5 years ago, marketers needed media planning and buying skills and the ability to implement overall campaign strategy (including timing and targeting) to be successful, the most important skills today are very different, according to a survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit, sponsored by Lyris. Attributing the largest drivers of change to a digital environment that requires much more agility and speed (58% selecting as one of top 2) and a much more knowledgeable customer (40%), respondents indicated that the most necessary skill today is the ability to use data analysis to extract predictive findings from big data (40% selecting as one of top 3).


Tied for second place: the ability to generate insights about the drivers of consumer behavior from multiple data sources (32%). Indeed, a significant proportion of marketers believe that harnessing complex data sets has become a critical success factor.


iNeoMarketing's insight:

Does not differentiate between B2B and B2C, but you get the point.



FREE: Gartner Magic Quadrant for E-commerce 2013 | Building Keystones

From - Today, 7:01 AM


Building Keystones and cleverbridge are pleased to offer our readers complimentary access to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for E-commerce.




The Gartner Magic Quadrant for E-commerce helps software companies understand the different solutions available to fulfill their e-commerce needs. It identifies vendors of e-commerce platforms as leaders, challengers, visionaries or niche players. These designations are based on those companies’ “completeness of vision” and “ability to execute.”


iNeoMarketing's insight:

If you're contemplating incorporating E-commerce into your B2B go-to-market so as to expand market reach, this is a must download.



Big Data or Big Insights? - ClickZ

From - Today, 6:54 AM


It's time to understand how the various data are going to help support your various marketing objectives.


Key excerpt...


One of the challenges I have with the notion of the data scientist is that the position is portrayed as some kind of analytical superhero. Someone who can write code to extract data from humongous databases, use complex statistical and algorithmic processes to create amazing insights from that data, and then present them to the business in a way that they understand using the very best in data visualization. Undoubtedly these people do exist, but there aren't going to be enough of them to go around. Organizations are going to have to figure out how they get all those things done, and it's more likely than not to be a multi-disciplinary approach. People who manage the data integrity of the business, people who are skilled in the art and science of analytics, and people who can consult with the business to create the insights.


Delivering actionable insights is the point, and that leads me back to the title. One of the things I worry a bit about with big data is that it feels a bit like a solution looking for a problem. There is the danger that organizations become obsessed with gearing up for big data and leave behind the opportunities that already exist on the table. Most organizations already have enough data that they're not leveraging, let alone needing more. What's needed is more focus on what insights are needed to solve the problems that the companies face. As Rufus Pollock, founder and co-director of the Open Knowledge Foundation in the U.K. puts it, "The real opportunity is not big data, but small data. Size in itself doesn't matter - what matters is having the data, of whatever size, that helps us solve a problem or address the question we have."


iNeoMarketing's insight:

This is an opinion piece, but a good one, and we think we caught the main points with the aforementioned scoop. Couple of things: 1) Data Scientists will be a relatively rarity. We think that to accomplish what is needed, you'll need individuals with strong quantitative backgrounds who can be creative with raw data; 2) Big Data in the world of B2B ain't that big, so it's ideal for small data initiatives.



Twitalytics Arrive: Official Twitter Analytics Released To The Public - MarketingLand

From - Today, 6:31 AM


The dive into user data that all Twitter users have been clamoring for has finally arrived. Found hidden within the Twitter Ads dropdown, the official analytics tools show data on specific Tweets and follower info – no ad spend required.




To access official Twitter analytics follow these steps:

Head to and log-in.Click on the analytics button in the top navigation. You can choose from “Timeline Activity” and “Followers”

The data that is available is broken down by Tweet and by Followers:


iNeoMarketing's insight:

Sure enough: THERE'S YOUR DATA!! And it's available to non-advertisers and advertisers alike! A must review!!!!



12 essential PPC landing page success factors

From - Today, 6:22 AM


Landing pages are an integral part of paid search. Effective pages mean you convert more visitors to the outcomes you need and in quality-score based search engines they make your ad more competitive.




I'm referring to PPC landing pages here, as some of these tips are taken from our PPC Best Practice Guide, but many of these factors apply equally to email and other landing pages...

1. Deliver relevance

2. Integrate with referral source(s)

3. Provide sufficient detail to support the response decision

4. Start the user on their journey

5: Use the right page length

6: Use meaningful graphics

7: Remove menu options?

8: Remember the non-responders

9: Consider landing page longevity

10: Reinforcing credibility 

11: Make it mobile-friendly

12: Try It! Measure It! Tweak It!

13: Page load speed


iNeoMarketing's insight:

A good list of tips. Suggest you start with Unbounce (use our Filter and search Unbounce) for effective landing page tips, and work this list into what you find. Unbounce is the clear authority.



5 Awesome Landing Page Strategies for Higher Conversions - OMI

From - Today, 6:27 AM


Learn 5 proven ways to improve your landing pages and increase your conversion rates. Your ROI will never be the same.




Below are 5 ways to drive awesome response rates with great post-click marketing experiences.

1. The Segmented Experience: Unlike traditional landing page optimization, which usually focuses on testing and optimizing page elements, segment optimization focuses on identifying who your audience is, then optimizes unique visitor experiences

2. The All-Mighty Microsite

3. Social Login

4. Progressive Conversion

5. Device Optimization


iNeoMarketing's insight:

Again, start with scoops from Unbounce and proceed from there. Be careful with #2 for the reasons found here:



Keyword Methodology: How to Jumpstart Your SEO Strategy - Profs

From - Today, 6:17 AM


Search Engine Marketing - You know the importance of SEO, but building a program can be overwhelming. If the thought of SEO makes your head hurt, here's a tried and tested guide...




If the thought of SEO makes your head hurt, here's a tried and tested step-by-step guide on how to create and execute a killer SEO keyword strategy.


Methodology to Find New Keywords

Using Google's Keyword Tool, you can experiment with finding keywords in two ways:

Keywords that are relevant to your product offering or serviceKeywords used to find direct and indirect competitors of yours


Determining Your Target Keywords

Once you feel satisfied with your master list, go through it and narrow it down. Choose keywords with the best search volume, relevancy to your product and branding, and minimal competitiveness; also ensure that you don't choose keywords that are too similar to each other.


The Process of Placing Specific Keywords on Website Pages

When your keyword list is finalized, the next step is to place the new keywords into your website pages.

Create an Excel document where you can track which keywords you want to place on each page. Ensure that the top ranking keywords are placed on the most visited pages (as determined by Google Analytics) or on pages that will drive conversions; this is the most logical way to drive up your SEO. You should also make sure that the keywords are logically matched with the website page.


iNeoMarketing's insight:

Our summary does not do this post justice. You really need to click through and read the details to fully understand and follow each step. A wonderful guide to help you in your SEO Keyword identification process.



Marketing Technology Insights: Most Comprehensive, Easy-To-Use CMS Comparison Tool Ever!

From - Today, 6:11 AM


What if you could generate a CMS comparison that actually gave you the information you needed to eliminate the choices?




The CMS Matrix: It's an incredibly nifty CMS comparison tool - but it's not just any tool. It has tons of information on each CMS, and my favorite thing about it is the conversation it stirs between marketing, IT, and the executives.


CMS Matrix is great because it(s):

Updates regularlyHas every CMS ever (just about).Comprehensive color-coding makes it easy to spot differences.Makes the process of elimination even easier - especially when certain specs are deal-breakers.Search for a CMS with drop-down/user-generated specs.Focus on certain attributes within table (Hide/Show Stickies feature).


iNeoMarketing's insight:

And it is great. Just click through and see how the comparisons are made. Sort by most compared as well.


Via CYDigital
CYDigital's curator insight, June 14, 2013 9:28 AM
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Drowning in data

Drowning in data | marketing on web |

Via Tolokonnikoff - Seratoo
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