The communications process and the importance of objectives
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The communications process and the importance of objectives
Communicating with consumers and the importance of emotional responses. The importance of establishing objectives for the promotional programme as well as your business overall
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How to Manage a Successful Marketing Campaign That Meets Your Objectives

How to Manage a Successful Marketing Campaign That Meets Your Objectives | The communications process and the importance of objectives |
How to Manage a Successful Marketing Campaign That Meets Your Objectives -
Jess Tracey's insight:

This article tells businesses how to successfully manage a marketing campaign, how to set achieveable objectives and a realistic budget, and how to monitor, control and improve their advertising programme. I think this really drives the point home that it is crucial to understand what you are working towards befor entering into any marketing or advertising campaign. You need to have set objectives that are realistic as well as measurable. This is so that you are easily able to assess your campaign and know how to alter it accordingly. It is very important to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns otherwise you will just be wasting precious time and money on something that isnt going to benefit your business in any way. 

PHAM THU NGA's comment, April 8, 2013 1:33 AM
It's interesting article to read regarding on how to manage a successful marketing campaign that meets the objectives. The five steps to successful marketing campaign are intelligible and smart. The way it discuss about how to set a advertising objective and create a budget sounds realistic. It's good point that the author stated the advantages and disadvantages in details. I totally agree with the statement that " Assessing an advertising campaign 's effectiveness depends on the objectives your set previously. The more detailed your goals are, the easier to measure the progress of achieving your objectives. In the case the result is not as expected, the changes are needed to improve the effectiveness. I agree with your last statement that it's very significant to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns because your business might end up wasting time and money.
Charlotte Johnson's comment, April 8, 2013 3:40 PM
the steps and processes brought forward in this article are important for each and every marketing company. it is through setting objectives and constantly monitoring them that you can determine if the campaign will be successful and make alterations to maximise effectiveness.
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The Anatomy of a Successful B2B Social Marketing Campaign - ClickZ

The Anatomy of a Successful B2B Social Marketing Campaign - ClickZ | The communications process and the importance of objectives |

"Jaw-dropping social campaigns are no accident; they're the result of an intentional, strategic framework that's both scalable and accountable."


Summarized and condensed...


Attaining that "wow factor" isn't mutually exclusive with delivering measurable business results, but it requires tackling the following five steps:

The framework. Specifically, you need to spend as much time as you can clearly defining your overall marketing objectives…Nothing derails a marketing machine faster than a campaign that - however awesome it looks on paper - takes away from the overall focus of your company.The concept. The concepts are…a direct result of intense problem solving: What are my objectives (from step one), and what's the most creative and effective way to achieve them?The experience. Every concept must pass the human test. I cannot emphasize this enough. Every social campaign you create must absolutely resonate on a basic, human level.The measurement. Get to know your analytics tool really well. Make sure all your digital properties are tagged appropriately. Create unique campaign IDs that allow you to measure the engagement on every single tweet, post, and update. Walk through the entire user journey yourself - and then dive back into your analytics - to confirm every action is captured, from first click to conversion.The content. I've intentionally left content to the very end. The reason: just as the creative concepts are the result of clearly defined marketing objectives, so content is a direct result of a clearly defined concept and user experience.

Via CYDigital
Jess Tracey's insight:

This article basically reinforces the importance of objectives in marketing. It gives 5 steps ("the anatomy") to create a successful B2B social marketing campaign. These are 1. the framework, 2. the concept, 3. the experience, 4. the measurement, and 5. the content. These five steps talk about B2B marketing in terms of social media, but I think they apply to all areas of marketing. In order to have a successful promotional/advertising campaign, you need to begin woth setting objectives so that you know what you are working towards, and you need to know how you are going to measure these objectives. These objectives also need to align with your businesses overall vision and goals. This is very important in creating effective marketing, and this is what this article is trying to get across. It also brings up the idea that in B2B marketing, businesses often only focus on making the sale instead of treating their clients as though they genuinely value them. I think this is a very interesting point and could be very valuable in the way of being more successful in B2B marketing by treating your clients as individuals instead of just another sale.

PHAM THU NGA's comment, April 8, 2013 1:04 AM
The article is clear and the 5 steps are easy to understand. I like the way the author discuss about how to create a successful marketing campaign. It's quite interesting to read. I agree with this article with this statement " in B2B marketing, we often think of people exclusively as potential customers. We forget that they're, you know, people. People who like cool ideas. People who like engaging with cool ideas. And people who enjoy being treated as human beings, not potential sales"
Charlotte Johnson's comment, April 8, 2013 5:47 AM
i agree with Pham that more focus needs to be put on treating people as people and not just at consumers. it is through understanding these people and what they enjoy that we can create a successful marketing campaign. It is ROI that is the main goal so i think the measurement focus is a really important aspect of these 5 steps.
Ishika Nair's curator insight, April 9, 2013 6:22 AM

This article is easy to understand. I like how its broken into 5 steps and explands very well. Theres a very good point in the article of the way treating your clients because they are not individuals instead of just another sale.

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Emotional Moneymaker: Why Advertisers Need to Appeal to ...

Emotional Moneymaker: Why Advertisers Need to Appeal to ... | The communications process and the importance of objectives |
It is also important to recognize that many different outside factors affect consumers' emotional responses to advertising. Consumers' brand loyalty to products, for instance, can be either a hindrance or an advantage for ...
Jess Tracey's insight:

Consumers emotions are very important for marketers and advertisers as they affect purchase habits. Advertisers need to realise the importance of emotions, as although consumers may think they are making a logical decision when making a purchase, the final decision as well as the decision making process are always effected in some way by their emotions. The article points out that even in a high-involvement purchase situation, such as purchasing a car, the consumer will still act on their emotions as well as logic. 

Li Ma's curator insight, August 12, 2013 7:15 AM

This article is talking about the emotional factor can be a significant role in consumers’ purchasing or decision making process, it will guide the overall decision making, thus for advertisers they could effectively use the emotional responses from consumers to influence their decision making. This article explain this through three aspects, they are emotion and logic, outside factors and emotional appeals in all types of ads. 


From the first aspect, the emotional responses will help shape the brand perception, and consumers’ response is depending on the emotion of the advertising, thus, advertisers should evoke the positive emotion from consumers. 


From the second aspect, there are some outside factors will affect consumers’ emotional responses, like the brand loyalty, memory. Those factors could be the hindrance and alos advantage for advertising. So the advertisers should be more creative in their approach of ad strategy.


From the third aspect, for all types of products and services, advertisers could use many different emotions to appeal to consumer. The author use a few examples like Benz and hospitals to explain that the businesses are most care about how consumer feel about and their emotional responses, and them influence their decision making process.


Overall, depending on the importance of emotional responses, the advertising with emotion will effectively connect the consumers and the brand.  



Juju Jadine Davis's comment, August 20, 2013 6:18 AM
This article discusses how emotional advertising can be used to bond with your target audience. Evoking emotions in consumers through the use of advertising aids in cultivating meaningful brand relationships. This article also discusses how emotional appeal on a product can override logic when it comes to the purchasing process. Consumers are more like to purchase a product based on how they feel about the product as opposed to the price and it is this emotional connection with a brand or product that allows brands to charge premiums on products and services and creates brand loyalty.
David Weng's comment, August 21, 2013 5:33 AM
Very interesting article, author have discussed on how emotional advertising affect people on their choice. Consumers like to choose the brands that they think are suit for them, but emotions have influence their decisions making. Also this article has discuss on emotional appeals in all types of ads, the example of Mercedes Benz has shown the emotional appeal in this ad emphasizes a social responsibility and explicitly voices a call to action with the tagline. give them the feeling that this brand are really good quantity.