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The IT floor was pristine, an oasis of order and organization which reflected Phil’s stoic, orderly view of life.


“Hey Philly.” Sam walked into Phil’s office at the precise time of the meeting, just the way Phil liked it. Many would mistake Phil’s preference towards orderliness with inflexibility, but that was far from the case. Phil appreciated rational discourse, and was amenable towards solutions that made sense for the company…something appreciated by the CEO.


“Look Sam. I understand what you’re trying to accomplish. It makes perfect sense to bring on board staff that can manage these technologies for you so that you can improve your operation. Frankly, it’s about time because I was thinking of the same thing, acquiring technologies that extended our CRM into your department.” That caught Sam by surprise: no idea that Phil was evaluating the acquisition of marketing automation to help convert the company towards a more data-driven environment. “But I don’t know a damn thing about Marketing, and you don’t know a damn thing about managing these technologies.”


Sam explained that it was not only marketing automation, but the continual need to optimize everything that Marketing was doing, from landing pages to SEO to the content being delivered. And the dashboard needed to be ten steps deeper in its analysis. There was an immediate need, but a long term need to keep Marketing ahead of the marketing technology curve. “That’s why it will all report into a Marketing Operations manager, someone who understands the technology, how to apply the technology, and how to communicate with other parts of the organization, especially your group, Phil.”


Exactly what I wanted to hear, Phil thought to himself.


Marketing technology…NOW!


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