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Scooped by Derek Bell!

Automation is great, but does it add value? | Derek Bell

Automation is great, but does it add value? | Derek Bell | Marketing_Automation |
Imagine being able to trigger an automated email to sales with a list of other "Closed/Won" Opportunities based on information they're provided.
Derek Bell's insight:

In a recent discussion with customers we talked about getting the sales team to use the CRM. The idea that Marketing could actually provide added value to the sales team in exchange for the data they entered became a motivation. We came up with some ideas.

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Rescooped by Derek Bell from The MarTech Digest!

Eloqua Sets Its Sights on B2C Market - CRM Magazine

Eloqua Sets Its Sights on B2C Market - CRM Magazine | Marketing_Automation |
Marketers will receive more e-commerce capabilities and continued support for products.




Eloqua, the marketing automation provider that Oracle purchased for $871 million last year, plans to expand beyond its current B2B customer base and offer e-commerce capabilities aimed at B2C companies, according to Eloqua CEO Joe Payne.


"If you think about it, a lot of our clients are hybrids," comments Payne during a press call. "A lot of B2B companies are selling things online, and Oracle is helping us approach the B2C markets."


Eloqua wants to help marketers know their prospects better and build more targeted marketing campaigns, according to Payne.


In building out its capabilities, Eloqua plans to integrate with Art Technology Group, a firm that specializes in e-commerce software and on-demand optimization applications, which was acquired by Oracle three years ago.


Payne also echoed Oracle President Mark Hurd's statement from last week's Webinar that Oracle will allow Eloqua customers to continue using's products, such as its Chatter collaboration tool. At the same time, Eloqua is working on a similar offering with Oracle's social suite.

Via CYDigital
Derek Bell's insight:

We have a number of clients who are either B2B2C, B2B, B2P and B2C. Eloqua can easily accommodate for these clients with its deep and rich functionality. Part of my job is to help our customers get more out of Eloqua, it's on ongoing exercise and they're doing some amazing things.

CYDigital's curator insight, February 26, 2013 8:39 AM

Last paragraph above is interesting inasmuch as what was not said. Allowing Eloqua customers to continue to use SFDC products, but does that truly communicate continued deep support of the Eloqua/SFDC integration? Keep this on the Watch list.

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