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What does analysis look like for informal learning? Is it different because it involves technology?  Not really - via Intrepid Learning.


It's useful to look at these data gathering steps as a possible checklist for creating the conditions to facilitate informal learning in your organization.  DPPE is a model I like to use:  Data, Purpose, Plan, Evaluate.  This fits right into the planning flow.  ~  Deb




Analysis for informal learning: Here are a few actions you can take to assess the learner’s needs.


Spend time with the learner group in their environment, understand how they go about conducting their work, and look at how they fill learning gaps . Assess where and when they need the support of others because information is not readily available . Conduct interviews, ask questions to gain understanding of their needs .
Craft a user story – a “day in the life of” – and vet that with the learner group . Use focus groups to gain insights including having them walk you through their work processes . Brainstorm with the learner group to identify where they think informal learning might help them accomplish tasks more easily or to provide context  .

Once you gain an understanding of their needs for information, support, and learning within their workflow, you can prepare for the next step in building your informal learning strategy.


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